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Coming Soon To The Twitterverse: Pay Per Trends

Coming Soon To The Twitterverse: Pay Per Trends

Not content to insert tweet ads into the search streams and timelines of users, Twitter is now pondering on allowing companies to place ads upon Twitter trends, a feature that may thrill and upset corporations and tweetaholics respectively.

But the basic gist seems to be this: Advertisers will be able to insert their own terms into the list of trends Twitter displays on users’ homepages (see image below; click to enlarge) and on its login page. Clicking on a term would call up a Twitter search results page, which would feature the associated advertiser’s “promoted tweet” at the top of the results. (MediaMemo)

Controversy aside, this new feature could help the micro blogging service generate revenue very quickly, especially with corporations seeking to rebound from a public relations nightmare (like Beyond Petroleum who is currently being mocked by the Tumblr brigade).

However the tweeple masses may not enjoy seeing this appear upon (or next to) their beloved trends page, and a potential backlash could result in Twitter users bashing the sponsored Tweet (example: BP ads about its oil efforts could receive ridicule throughout the twitterverse).

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Twitter has not yet indicated when they will begin to roll this feature out to the masses, although either way it looks like “promoted trends” (as Twitter calls it) may soon become a digital reality.

(via Mashable)

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  • i hope twitter will not begin any sooner to roll this feature LOL. The last thing we need on twitter is ads floating around…keep twitter ads free :-)

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