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Twitter Meets Marriage With A Tweetup Reception

Twitter Meets Marriage With A Tweetup Reception

Sara and Paul - Twitter Wedding CoupleSome Twitter followers share their entire lives online, you don’t even have to meet them in person and there’s a good chance you’ll know more about them then friends who don’t use Twitter. Now Paul and Sara, a couple from Mobile, Alabama will tie the knot using the services capabilities.

According to ReadWriteWeb the wedding will take place with:

“A purple dress. A kilt. A best man who is *all* woman. Live-streaming and live-tweeting. A Twitter-themed-pot-luck-pool-party-reception. Rock Band. A pinata. A sex toy toss in place of the bouquet.”

Sure Twitter has been used in the past at weddings, in fact one groom famously stopped after the “I do’s” to Tweet the good news right from the alter, but Paul and Sara are a bit more involved. The couple met while arguing over a blog post and Paul proposed at a Tweetup, they also run a website together the Daily Shite.

The wedding, set for Saturday, June 19 will take place in Mobile, Alabama but don’t worry if you can’t attend, you can watch it streamed live on Suburban Oblivion and Paul O’Flaherty. The reception will even be a Tweetup hosted by @wigenout and @imwigen

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Wanna find out more about this event? Follow or leave the hashtag #paul&sara.

I wonder if the priest, justice of the peace or whoever is handling their wedding will be on their iPhone sending tweets. I can see it now “do you @paul take @sarah to be your….”

Social Media dominates many of our lives the moment we log on for the first time during the day, but this in my opinion is a bit of overkill. What are your thoughts? All in fun or a little bit weird?

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  • Thanks for the write up James and we’re happy to have everyone involved in our special day. Just a quick FYI, we’re not registered anywhere for gifts, the #Paul&Sara is just a twitter hashtag for anyone who wants to tweet about it as it happens :)

  • I’ve sort of followed their struggles and relationship via their blogs so this seems perfect for them! It may not be for everyone but it’s what they want and social media brought them together so why the hell not?! :)

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