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WordPress Gives Spammers And Trolls Another Reason To Hate IntenseDebate

WordPress Gives Spammers And Trolls Another Reason To Hate IntenseDebate

The boys and girls at Automattic (the company behind WordPress) have released a new feature for Intense Debate that empowers readers to help blog admins squash spammers, trolls and aggressive commenters trying to hijack your threads.

We released a cool new setting for reported comments (comments that your readers flag as inappropriate). You can now opt to have the comments automatically put into moderation for review. This handy option can help you and your readers keep your comments clean and debates friendly. […]

While you’re there you can also take advantage of our Auto-Delete setting for reported comments. With the Auto-Delete option, you can set a maximum number of times that a comment is reported before the comment is deleted. This is another super-handy feature for crowdsourcing moderation. (Official IntenseDebate Blog)

Aside from making comments more social, IntenseDebate’s community approach should help blog admins save time in identifying spam (especially with human spammers finding innovative ways to “pass” as legit commenters).

IntenseDebate may also help curb the overall rise in spam, which seems to have escalated to new heights thanks in part to the recession (not to mention SEO commenters with big egos).

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Despite being acquired by Automattic in 2008, IntenseDebate continues to support various platforms beyond WordPress including Blogger, Tumblr, Typepad and Movabletype.

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