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YouTube Channels Can Now Be Created Through Your Google+ Account

YouTube Channels Can Now Be Created Through Your Google+ Account

Google PlusIf like millions of Google account holders you have chosen to use your same account for YouTube and Google+ the company has rolled out a new feature that allows you to create new YouTube channels directly from your Google+ account.

On Youtube’s blog Product manager Trevor O’Brien reveals:

You can now use your Google+ profile name and photo on a new YouTube channel, giving you one consistent identity across platforms when uploading videos, sharing, commenting and other public activities.”

The process is very simply to implement, basically you choose to create a new YouTube channel from inside your Google+ account and you will see the following options:

Google Plus with YouTube Channel Integration

If you don’t have your Google+ account tied to a YouTube account you’ll see the option to “Create a username” which will then let you develop your YouTube name and quickly start your first YouTube channel.

Google continues to adapt its products to fit around the Google+ eco-system and with YouTube now streaming more than 4 billion videos per day we expect that the company will continue to further integrate the two eco-systems into a more closely grouped set of online platforms.

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What feature(s) would you like to see added to the Google platform integration model next?



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