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[2017] Review Of Kajabi: All-In-One Online Course & Membership Platform

[2017] Review Of Kajabi: All-In-One Online Course & Membership Platform

Have you ever tried to set up an online course or membership site?

If you want to pull out large chunks of your hair, try it.

Although there are various ways to set up an online course, you could end up spending a small fortune, because not only can it be painful trying to get everything to work together, but it’s likely you’ll need to invest in other systems so that you can do everything you want to do.

The Days of Before and After

Let’s back up a moment so you can see what is meant: Before Kajabi, course creators would need to own a website and pay for an LMS or membership plugin in order to add course content to their WordPress website. If they wanted to get fancy, and make life easier for their members, they may have needed to add additional plugins, which may or may not have worked with their main plugin.

This obviously created problems. But let’s presume all the plugins played nicely together…

Once the course was set up, they would need to pay for an email software system, and integrate it with the plugins already on the site. This would often entail hours of frustration to get it to work as wanted.

Then they would need to consider marketing their courses…another headache, as they would need to pay yet another 3rd party service in order to create landing pages to drive traffic to. More issues to get the landing pages working with the email software provider…

If you had the content and a passion to get it “out there”, you were in for a rude awakening if you planned to set the whole thing up yourself.

And then along came Kajabi, an all-in-one online course solution. It’s power is that it provides all the tools you need, under one roof. So there are 1) no hidden, additional costs, and 2) you don’t have to fiddle with stuff you know nothing about, to make it all work.


Major benefits of Kajabi


● It’s an all-in-one solution, from hosting, to creating a website, to getting your content set up in the form of an online course, to marketing it and collecting membership payments and upselling.
● There is no need to integrate with different services, which makes set-up faster and easier.
● You only pay one price to one system to create an entire online business; with Kajabi, you don’t require other additional services to add course content, marketing or selling.
● The Kajabi system has been built with search engines in mind, which is vital for your business. Setting up your online course business through this platform means your website will be search engine friendly, which ultimately means more customers for your business.
● The look you choose to present to your customers is completely customizable.

Example of an online course set up on the Kajabi platform.

● Choose from different website looks.
● You pay a flat fee every month, with no transaction fees to Kajabi. You’ll only pay the payment processor the fees they require.

Major features


● Work with a fully customizable, search engine friendly website is included so you can showcase your products and drive sales.
● Easily set up online courses that contain text, images, audio, and video.

Example of a website hosted by Kajabi on the basic plan.

● Attach a custom domain.
● Add your branding.
● Use the blog to provide regular content that fuels SEO and marketing results.
● Set up free products for promotional purposes.
● Send marketing emails to customers, and drip course content over a time period to keep members engaged.
● Email automatically via autoresponders included in software.
● Send out email broadcasts.
● Check the health of emails with analytics.
● Easily create opt-in forms for lead capture.
● Simply tweak landing page templates to suit your promotion.
● Create coupons to entice new members and reward old ones.
● Set up downloads.
● Enable monthly subscriptions for ongoing income.
● Use various currencies.
● Manage members and check progress.
● Make announcements.
● Have multiple administrators.
● Your members can get technical support and live chat.
● Get others to promote your products via an affiliate program.
● Use built-in integrations to simplify your life.
● Enable discussions inside courses in order to build a community and encourage engagement.


● There is no ability to set up quizzes inside courses (although Kajabi can be connected with Quiz Maker via Zapier).


Test it free of charge, for 14 days.


When you first start out, you may want to select the basic plan for $129 per month. This plan allows you to:

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● Set up 5 courses
● Send up to 1000 marketing emails a month
● Have 1000 members
● Set up 1 website
● 25 landing pages

Go for pro at $389 per month if you need a bit more oomph, like being able to:

● Set up 100 courses
● Send up to 40 000 marketing emails a month
● Have 10 000 members
● Set up 3 websites
● Create 100 landing pages

PLUS: Setting up your own affiliate program

If you’re an old hand, you may prefer the premium plan for $799 per month. This one includes:

● The ability to set up an unlimited amount of courses
● Allowance of up to 100 000 marketing emails a month
● Unlimited amount of members
● Ability to set up 10 websites
● An unlimited amount of landing pages

PLUS: Setting up your own affiliate program

Save 20% on all plans if you pay annually.


Out of the seven online course tools evaluated, when you want to make an entire business with online courses, Kajabi has to be the most comprehensive platform available today. It makes the business owner’s job a lot easier, and allows for faster set-up because everything you need is included. And because it’s all included, you don’t have to fiddle around with other 3rd party services or integrations.

Added to that is the fact that the Kajabi platform is built to increase your traffic via search engines, so that’s a huge part of your marketing taken care of.

If you were to add all the services you would need to set up online courses through another option, Kajabi works out a lot more affordable.

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