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Another Day, Another WordPress iPhone App: Blog.NET Makes Its Debut

Another Day, Another WordPress iPhone App: Blog.NET Makes Its Debut

The fact that WordPress has already created an official iPhone app upon Steve Jobs playground has not deterred developers from launching premium WP apps, the latest being Blog.NET (which was created by TSWC).

Priced at $1.99 USD, Blog.NET offers support for not only WordPress fans, but also dasBlog, Umbraco, Orchard and (which technically makes it a multi-blogging client similar to iBlogger, BlogWriter and BlogPress).

Although spending a 199 pennies may not be that expensive for the average blogging app (especially then there are iPhone apps selling for $10!), WordPress geeks may want to check out the brief review below to see if Blog.NET is right for them.

Where Blog.NET Excels

Similar to the WordPress iPhone app, Blog.NET supports geo-location, future posting (aka scheduled posting), categories, and the ability to insert an image within your post.

Unlike the official WP app however, Blog.NET allows you to align the image to the left, right or center of your post, as well as the ability to insert a title within the image itself.

It also inserts the image at the top of the page instead of attaching it near the bottom (which is my biggest gripe with the official WordPress app).

Where Blog.NET Fails

Despite the elegant user interface (which I actually enjoyed), Blog.NET is lacking in a few notable areas against not only its more expensive rivals (like BlogPress), but also the official WordPress app.

Blog.NET does not support tags, and only allows users to upload one image per post (the latter which may not appeal to photogenic bloggers with lots of pictures to share).

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Landscape mode is also strangely absent from the app, which means folks with large basketball hands (like me) will not enjoy using Blog.NET despite its superior UI.

Last but not least if you have an iPad (and enjoy blogging from it), you will not enjoy using Blog.NET as the app currently does not support Steve Jobs “greatest creation” (which means iPad fans will have to use either BlogPress or WordPress to get their iBlogging done).


Blog.NET is a decent iPhone app if you are using dasBlog, or any of the other alternatives previously mentioned above.

However unless TSWC can add more features (like multiple image support, tags, landscape mode, etc.) this app will not appeal to WordPress fans, who may either stick with the free WordPress app or seek out more expensive rivals with better options.

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