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Find E-mail File Attachments Faster with

Find E-mail File Attachments Faster with gives you an attachment-centric view of your e-mails

One of the hardest things to find after a very busy day of exchanging e-mails is a file attachment in your  inbox or sent folder.  On the average, hunting for files in your e-mail can consume the better part of an hour that could have been spent on useful downtime or getting something else done.

The process of hunting down an attachment usually begins by clicking on the search field of your e-mail and typing either the name of the person who you think sent you the file or the subject header of the e-mail exchange you think it is in.  It’s easy to find an attachment if it had been sent fairly recently, but when the file had been sent a hundred e-mails ago, that’s when people either decide to pore over every e-mail turned up in a search or just ask to be sent the file again.  Either way, it can mean a waste of time for you or the person who is waiting for the file attachment.

Can you imagine asking an important client or major customer to wait fifteen minutes while you or your assistant goes searching for a file he sent you months ago? It’s can make for an embarrassing moment because it makes you appear disorganized and sloppy. makes it easier to find any e-mail attachments in your e-mail account, no matter how long ago it had been sent or in what thread it had been sent in.

What makes it difficult to find file attachments in e-mails is that sometimes the subject header can be as helpful as “Here’s the file” or “revised pitch deck” or it may even be blank.  The worst scenario, perhaps, can be that the file wasn’t even named properly and was sent in a thread that is hundreds of e-mails long. presents your e-mail in an attachment-centric point of view.  This means you get to see only the attachments sent to your e-mail and with, you can organize them alphabetically by name of the document, by date, or by type.  By presenting only your attachments, you won’t have to keep opening e-mail after e-mail and viewing attachment after attachment. presents all your attachments in large enough thumbnails that are pretty easy enough to take a peek at.

Here’s what it looks like:



Files care sorted into Code, News, Music, Document, Movie,  Image and Archive.

What makes it easy to find file attachments really is that you can enter the file name and specify what type of file your are looking for.   Moreover, after making a search and finding the files that you need, you can create a bookmark for the search which will make it easier for you to find the files over and over again — fast.

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What is even more helpful is that you don’t have to go back to your e-mail in order to re-send the file to someone.

A mouse-over any of the thumbnails will give you options to view, send, share or hide the file.All you have to do is just mouse over the thumbnail and right there, you can choose to view, share, send, or hide a file.  The share feature is perhaps one of the better features of because it allows you to share an attached file directly through Facebook or Twitter. allows you to share your e-mail attachments directly to Twitter or Facebook.

This is great so far and I think this site will help a lot of people become more productive or at least avoid time wasting hassles that get in the way of productive downtime.

For those who are concerned about privacy issues, you better check out their Terms of assures your privacy, but it's still a good idea to secure the transmission of very sensitive and vital documents.

While assures the security of your documents, it’s probably still a good idea to use a more secure means of transmitting sensitive and vital documents.

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