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Did BlogPress Spank WordPress And Six Apart On The iPhone?

Did BlogPress Spank WordPress And Six Apart On The iPhone?


If it were not for the WordPress iPhone app’s ability to moderate comments, I would seriously consider deleting it right now.

BlogPress, an iPhone app by CoolLittle Things has recently updated their app which now supports direct image uploading to WordPress and Movabletype blogs, instead of uploading them to Picasa Web Albums like before.

Unlike the official WordPress app (and the non-existant Movable Type app–thanks Six Apart), BlogPress supports “photo positioning” which means I can place images where I want them instead of having them attached at the end.

This saves me from having to move the images later, something I found to be very irratating with the official WordPress app.

BlogPress also supports video via YouTube, and is thus far the only blogging app that allows you to upload more than one video on a single post.

Last but not least BlogPress also supports labels, which is helpful for those of you adament about the difference between labels and categories (I think it’s symantics, but to each their own I guess).

Is the official WordPress App now useless? And what about Movable Type?

The short and long answer to that question is no–at least not yet.

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Aside from comment moderation, the official WordPress app allows you to create new categories while BlogPress only allows you to assign them from a previously created list.

The WordPress app can also save drafts to the server as well as locally while BlogPress can only do the latter.

As far as Movable Type goes, this is probably the closest MT friendly app that you will get outside of Six Apart, who seems to not have shown much interest outside of the official Typepad app.


While BlogPress still has a ways to go feature wise, its good to see that I now have an App that allows me to blog completely from my iPhone, without having to reposition images from the desktop (or worse via copy & paste on the iPhone).

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  • Great post! I have been using the official wordpress app for a little over a month and it left me wanting! The image repositioning was the big thing, and I am glad that I now have a solution, thanks!

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