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Insta-WP Makes Wallpaper Creation Fun With Instagram Integration

Insta-WP Makes Wallpaper Creation Fun With Instagram Integration

Insta-WP LogoSeveral months ago I wrote an article about, a platform that allows users to create daily or static Twitter backgrounds using Instagram photos. Now the company behind InstaBG has created Insta-WP, a program that once again integrates with Instagram, this time to create wallpaper images of various sizes.

Using Insta-WP is very simple, users starts by navigating to Insta-WP at which time they click on the “Create “InstaWallpaper” button.

Insta-WP Main Screen

The next part of the setup is to choose the wallpaper size which ranges from 320 x 480 pixels to a much larger 2048 x 1536. One of the nicest parts of the options screen is that Insta-WP tells you which sizes to use for each of your devices. For example the iPad 3 can use 2048 x 1536 pixel wallpapers while the Galaxy Tab 7.0 relies on 1024 x 600 pixels.

Here’s a preview of the Insta-WP screen size setup:

InstaWP Setup Screen 1

After choosing the wallpaper size the next step in the setup is choosing where to pull Instagram photos from. For example a user can choose a certain tag, opt to choose a specific user name or even choose a specific category which is limited to basic options including pets, baby, girl, cute, flower, nature, beach, sky and food.

You will also notice the option to place images in order based on “new, popular and random” which just changes the wallpaper image placement.

I personally prefer the “small” layout which provides more images for my wallpaper and I don’t care for the “rounded images” because it makes then feel as if I am looking through a pinhole which some users will enjoy.

I tried spacing but I like the crowded “collage” look with no spacing.

Finally users can display a date and the # of photo likes which would be a great option for photographer and anyone with a “look at my awesome work” complex.

Insta-WP Setup Screen 2

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After choosing the display size and photo options clicking the “preview button will show off the selected images just like the display below:

Insta WP Preview

The preview only shows a small part of the overall display however clicking on “Download this wallpaper” will provide an instant download of a .jpg file which will look something like this:

Insta-WP Output

Simply use your wallpaper wherever you see fit and head back to Insta-WP to create new wallpapers as you decided to change them up.

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