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iPhone: BlogPress Makes WordPress Blogging Fun Again

iPhone: BlogPress Makes WordPress Blogging Fun Again

The creator of BlogPress has just rolled out an update to their universal iPhone/iPad blogging app which now includes support for Squarespace and Tumblr.

However the greatest feature thus far is BlogPress’s inclusion of HTML support, which makes BlogPress the perfect tool for bloggers seeking to create content from their iDevices without firing up the laptop.

For those wondering whether they should consider purchasing BlogPress for $2.99 (especially in the age of free official apps) here is an in depth overview highlight key features (both old and new).

What I Loved

The HTML formatting feature was long overdue, and although it’s not as smooth as BlogBooster’s (who uses scroll wheels), it’s functional enough for iLovers who would rather blog from their iDevices than fire up the lap top.

Users can easily bold, italicize or strike through text, as well as adjust the font size and even insert colors (for those of you who enjoy being “artistic”).

You can also easily create hyper-linked text and change the font style (which ranges from Ariel to Zapfino).

BlogPress also allows you to easily insert block quotes as well as expandable post summaries (aka the “Read More” link).

Note: Despite BlogPress’s claims that expandable post summaries only works for WordPress fans, my tests did reveal that it worked find for Blogger blogs (aka BlogSpot) as well.

Old But Relevant

Aside from the Official Tumblr app, BlogPress is still the only iPhone app to support video uploading, and is the only one that supports uploading multiple videos upon one post.

You can also upload multiple images as well (scaling included), although unless you are blogging upon Blogger, WordPress or Movabletype, BlogPress will upload all images upon Picasa Web Albums or Flickr.

Last but not least BlogPress supports geolocation, as well as Twitter and Facebook, which might appeal to the social guru in you.

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Two Critical Flaws

There were only two flaws that I didn’t like about BlogPress, which is the inability to use HTML formatting in landscape mode as well as the inability to create categories within the app for WordPress.

While the former “flaw” is probably intentional (due to the small screen real estate on the iPhone), the it would be great if the creator could allow users to create categories from within the app without having to use the laptop or official WordPress app.

Is It Worth Buying?

At $2.99 USD I consider this app a must have for WordPress, Blogger and Movabletype fans (the latter two who will probably never see an official app from their respective platforms).

Although BlogPress does support Tumblr, Squarespace, and LiveJournal, users would probably be better off using the official apps as BlogPress does not yet support uploading images upon their respective servers.

However if one is looking for a powerful video blogging app that supports HTML, then BlogPress is definitely the app for you.

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