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ManageWP Makes Multi-Blog WordPress Management Easy And Affordable

ManageWP Makes Multi-Blog WordPress Management Easy And Affordable

ManageWP Frontpage

ManageWP FrontpageManaging even a handful of WordPress websites can be a pain, for example 10 websites means 10 different login accounts that you must access each time you want to write an article, update plugins or change theme settings. While you could give WordPress Multi-Site a chance that system can be confusing and time consuming for non-Wordpress experts. ManageWP however takes care of multi-site management by installing a simple plugin on each of your WordPress blogs which then allows them to be controlled by a single user login interface found at

Once you have signed up for a free trial account you simply install the sites plugin on each of your websites. This plugin essentially gives you access to your blogs from within the ManageWP administration panel.

After the system has been installed you will be asked to add websites to your panel, those websites will then be accessible via the ManageWP login panel. Once installed the system then provides many useful features.

For example you can choose to add and upgrade themes for all of your websites from one screen, removing the need to log into various accounts.  The system also allows users to be bulk added for login purposes.

If you run a network in which posts are added to more than one website at a time ManageWP also provides a “Bulk Add” option for posts and pages. I personally found the “Add New Page” option helpful when creating privacy and copyright polices for various websites.

If you want to add links to a blogroll on each of your sites, perhaps when creating a network of interconnected blogs that option is also provided.

For “Professional” and “Business” level users ManageWP also offers one-click automatic backup of your websites to your server, Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP or an email address.

The team at ManageWP has also added an elegant Google Analytics setup which allows users to view pageview and other Analytics information directly fro within the ManageWP interface.

Throw in uptime server monitoring, the ability to check SEO settings (backlinks, traffic, Twitter, etc) and the ability to close a sites setup (themes, plugins, etc) and it’s easy to see why a starting price of just $6.30/month for up to 10 websites is worth the price of admission.

Here’s a closer look at the super simple setup for the ManageWP system:


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For power users looking for a self-hosted option ManageWP is also willing to work directly with your organization to create a single sign-on setup for a URL location of your choosing. You can email them directly at

Here’s a great demo of the system put together by the programs creators:

ManageWP Tour from ManageWP on Vimeo.

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