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Move Over Google Analytics, The WordPress iPhone Stats App Has Arrived!

Move Over Google Analytics, The WordPress iPhone Stats App Has Arrived!


When it comes to keeping up with the latest traffic stats for your WordPress blog, iPhone lovers had very few options outside of a host of Google Analytics—until now.

Menial (who is located in the UK) has developed an iPhone app called “Statistics For WordPress” that lets users of both flavors (self hosted and fans) to use the native stats package to monitor their traffic.

I was able to snag this app at $2.99 before it inflated to $4.99, so if you are wondering if this app is worth the extra $2, here are some pro’s and con’s before you consider spending more money within Steve Job’s playground. 

The Good

Of all of the analytics apps that I have seen, this by far is the most elegant of them all! The user interface looks as if it was almost designed by WordPress itself, with access to stats just a tap away.


Statists For WordPress (which I’ll call “Stats for WP” from now on) allows users to see the latest traffic stats of the day, week, and month, as well as allowing users to see who is linking to their blog plus who is searching for it as well.

And in true iPhone fashion, you can use your fingers to compare between different periods of time, in order to see if your traffic has improved (or not).


Currently Stats for WP does not provide history graphs for your top posts and clicked links (which as sad), although the developer is promising to release these in a future build.

Note: Since I just installed stats into my personal blogs (you have to use this plugin), I do not have much data to show, so the above screen shots are courtesy of Menial.

Last but not least, if your signal is weak (or non-existent), Stats for WP will pull up the last data synced from your blogs, which is extremely helpful for those on airplanes lacking Wifi.

The Bad

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Although I enjoyed the ability to view my WP blogs stats, one feature I found missing was the lack of comment stats such as number of total comments, most commented post, blocked spam, etc.

While gathering traffic data is great, I wished there was a way to view comment data as well, a feature I found to be frustratingly absent from WordPress’s native iPhone app (and yes, I am a nerd stat czar).

The second issue I had with Stats for WP came with adding a blog. Instead of putting a button out in front for users to add a blog (like the WordPress iPhone App does), you have to click “Edit,” then “Add a new site” which in my honest opinion is too many taps!

Hopefully Menial will consider changing this in the future, in order to help keep things simple (especially for WP newbie’s).


While Stats For WP was worth the $2.99 that I paid for it, it may be a hard sell at $4.99 (especially in today’s global recession).

Price aside, Statistics for WordPress is a must have app for WordPress geeks everywhere, whose elegant and powerful layout surprisingly puts most other analytics apps out there to shame.

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  • I’m using Google Analytics with ClickTale (recording user actions) and it is a great combination. (i’m using the free account – more than enough for me – small blog)

    keep up the good job…


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