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Need A Reason To Switch Blog Comments To Disqus? There’s An App For That

Need A Reason To Switch Blog Comments To Disqus? There’s An App For That

Known for spicing up blogs with their dead simple commenting system, Disqus has emerged as one of the leading commenting systems online (the other being Intense Debate).

Despite the fact that Disqus comments are mobile friendly (at least upon the iPhone), the company provided a mobile app to help users moderate comments while on the go.

Fortunately for Disqus lovers, a Peer Assembly has created an iPhone app by the name of DisqusPro that allows users to moderate comments without having to resort to email commands.

Priced at $2.99 USD, DisqusPro offers disciples of Disqus an elegant way to moderate comment threads, a feature rivaled only by the official WordPress app.

For blogging pros wondering whether DisqusPro is worth every penny (or whatever currency you prefer), here are some of the highlights, as well as setbacks that may help you decide if DisqusPro is worth the price of a small sandwich.

Where DisqusPro Prevails

DisqusPro does an excellent job mimicking most of the moderating functions of Disqus. Users can easily approve, delete or mark comments as spam from within the app.

You can also easily reply to a comment left by a user, which will show up on your blog. You can also easily refresh to see new comments by dragging down the list and releasing with your finger (note: there is an issue with this, see below for details).

DisqusPro also shows your commenters gravatars which makes it easy for you to view familiar faces (which can help you identify the spammers from the fans).

Last but not least you can view multiple comment threads within your account, which is quite useful if you have Disqus powering your communities upon more than one blog site.

Where DisqusPro Fails

I only encountered one bug while using DisqusPro, which mainly was that new comments did not always refresh from within the app (although this could be on Disqus’s side via API).

Despite the bug, DisqusPro is lacking some “must have” features that may convince users to spend their cash elsewhere, the first being the lack of a thread list.

Without this feature, bloggers receiving a large number of comments will have a difficult time deciphering real comments from the spam, especially with human spam on the rise.

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Another missing feature was the ability to like a comment from within the app, a function that would save blog admins from having to visit their posts in cyberspace (and scour the specific comment thread).

Is DisqusPro Worth It?

For bloggers receiving a decent amount of traffic (under a dozen daily) then DisqusPro is a good investment. For users problogging on Tumblr this app is probably a must have (provided again that you receive under a dozen daily comments via Disqus).

However until thread lists are viewable, blogs with larger audiences and discussions will not enjoy using this app, despite its appealing price.

To their credit, Peer Assembly has hinted that they are working on adding that feature, although hopefully they will bump it up to the top of the list as the app seems crippled without it (as one can tell from the app store reviews).

If DisqusPro can squash the bugs as well as insert critical features, this app would easily become a must have item for Disqus lovers (as well as help convert a few users who have yet to embrace the commenting platform).

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