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So You Want To Blog From Your iPhone? Here Are 7 Must Have Apps

So You Want To Blog From Your iPhone? Here Are 7 Must Have Apps


Regardless of whether you are a web designer, journalist or “Joe the Plumber” (note: I say that in love), your tools can define whether you succeed or not on your job.

The same is true for blogging, as having the proper software can help determine the difference between success and failure–or at least separate the pro bloggers from the rest of the noisy crowd.

But when it comes to the iPhone, there are a few apps that I have found that every serious iBlogging pro should have, regardless of what blogging platform you have (at least for the most part).

So without further ado, here are 7 must have iPhone apps for bloggers on the go.

BlogPress (Price: $2.99 USD)


I know what you are thinking.  Why should I use BlogPress when I can use the free WordPress 2/Typepad/LiveJournal/BlogPress Lite app for my blog? (note: you Squarespace fans are off the hook on this one)

Answer: Because despite the awesomeness of the apps (whether official or anointed), none (with the exception of the LiveJournal App) support multiple image posting and positioning,  and none of them allow you to upload and post multiple videos.

While I would encourage users to also install the free versions as well, BlogPress is a must have app for iBloggers everywhere.

Photogene ($2.99 USD) & iRetouch ($1.99 USD)


There are plenty of great photo apps out there, and as someone who has (foolishly) spent money on many out there, I would recommend users only purchase Photogene and iRetouch as they will handle 99.99% of your photo editing needs.

Photogene I heavily use, mainly because of its intuitive features that make editing an image simple and fun. Users can easily crop, resize, add text, speech bubbles or convert images into black & white easily (among other affects).

For more advanced functions like cloning, smudging or “Photoshop like effects,” iRetouch can satisfy most (if not all) your blogging needs.

PicBrowser ($1.99 USD)


While editing images is great, finding one that can match your blog post can be a little difficult.

PicBrowser helps you resolve that problem by providing an easy to use image search across Google Images, Flickr,, NASA JSC (which is great for space geeks like me!), Google Books and free iPhone wall papers.

You can also link to where the image was discovered (which is a great as it can help you avoid using copyrighted images).

ReelDirector ($7.99 USD)

If you have an iPhone 3GS, ReelDirector is a must have app, which allows video bloggers to “stitch together” videos filmed separately on your iPhone, with transition affects in between.

ReelDirector also allows you to insert credits before and after the entire film, allowing bloggers to insert copyright notices of their videos, as well as acknowledge the creators of the flick (just in case it is stolen and uploaded to YouTube).

Oceanus Web Browser ($0.99 USD)

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Let me be clear–the native Safari browser on the iPhone is  a JOKE!!!

That being said, there are a few browsers out there that are worth downloading, although I would highly recommend Oceanus Web Browser because it has the best user interface for tabs (making it easy for those of us with basketball fingers).

Oceanus also supports an array of other features (like bookmarks, image downloading, “incognito” mode, in page search, themes, etc.), as well as the ability to easily change your default search engine (as not everyone loves Google).

Facebook (Free!!!)


Okay, this is definitely a must have app since practically everyone ranging from your niece to your grandma is on this social network.

Facebook is also a great way to connect with readers and fellow bloggers, and despite its low price is probably one of the most valuable apps out there in the app store.

Total Price: $19 USD (minus a few pennies)

While there are other apps out there that can enhance your geek/blog life (especially for Twitter), these 7 above are probably “must have” apps for any serious blogger, as they can not only help save you time, but enhance your blogging as well.

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