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Twitter Vs Twitter (On Android, Blackberry And iPhone)

Twitter Vs Twitter (On Android, Blackberry And iPhone)

Now that Twitter has launched official apps upon Blackberry, Android and the mighty iPhone, fanboys (and girls) of the respective smartphones may wonder what the twitterverse looks like from another device.

Unfortunately depending on where your geek loyalties lie, your experience using each official app will vary as it appears that not all Twitter apps are created equal (a fact that might cause some to accuse Twitter of showing iFavoritism).

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Tweets

While all three twitter apps do support image uploading, to my knowledge only the iPhone app allows you to insert multiple images within a tweet.

Another advantage of the official iPhone app is that it gives you 7 options of where to store your images, as well as a custom feature for those seeking to host their images upon services not configured (like Flickr, Picasa or even upon your own server).

Unfortunately when compared against the iPhone, both Blackberry and Android twitter apps look rather meager in the image department, so for now the gold goes the official iPhone app.

iVidTweet Therefore I Am?

Despite boasting cameras equal to or greater than Steve Jobs favorite creation (after the iPad that is), neither the official twitter Android app or the official Blackberry twitter app support video.

Currently only the official iPhone app supports video tweeting (via five different services). To rub salt upon the wound even further (at least for Blackberry and Droid lovers), the official iPhone app also allows you to insert multiple videos, as well as images alongside of them.

Why Twitter has not included video support for the official apps Blackberry and Android apps is puzzling (especially since third party developers do), although hopefully Twitter will consider adding these features ASAP.

Multiple Accounts

Unless you’re a tweetaholic you will probably not care about multiple accounts, especially if you follow over a 100 tweeple (let alone a thousand).

But if you manage a business tweet account as well as a personal one, having multiple accounts is a “must have” feature.

As of right now neither the official Blackberry or Android tweet apps offer multiple accounts, which make these apps irrelevant to power tweeters.

Fortunately for iLovers, Twitter for iPhone does support multiple accounts, giving members of the iCult another reason to use Steve Job’s favorite mobile device.

Push Notifications Please

If there is one area where Twitter for iPhone fails miserably, it has to deal with push notifications.

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Currently both Twitter for Blackberry and Twitter for Android support notifications for their users without the aid of a third party application.

In order for iPhone lovers to mimic their blackberry buds and Android neighbors, they have to utilize Boxcar until Twitter decides to insert this feature upon the next release.

Where In The World? (Geolocation)

Twitter for Blackberry is planning on adding geolocation support in the future, which should help BB fans compete against Twitter for iPhone as well as Twitter for Android (who both have this feature).

To the detriment of Droid and Blackberry fans however, Twitter for iPhone goes one step further by showing nearby tweeters on a glorious map.

While this is probably more of an eye candy feature than a necessity, it does help push Twitter for iPhone over its rivals.


Unfortunately when compared against the iPhone, both Blackberry and Android twitter apps look rather meager.

Fortunately for the latter two, there are plenty of third party twitter apps upon each respective platform for tweetaholics who may not mind exchanging polish for power.

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  • IPhone rocks in the apps dept. hands down. So I’m pretty sure they have the best twitter app, and why does Blackberry even have one isn’t that supposed to be a business phone anyways.

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