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Watch Out Tweetdeck! Seesmic For iPhone Is Here

Watch Out Tweetdeck! Seesmic For iPhone Is Here

Seesmic has (finally) launched their official iPhone app, which allows users to send status updates to Twitter, Google Buzz, WordPress, Facebook, Blogger and about 45 other social networks and blog platforms (thanks to

The app is not meant as a replacement of the official Twitter, Facebook or WordPress apps (as one can tell by its basic functionality), the Seesmic iPhone app is geared towards socialholics who want to update numerous sites simultaneously.

While Seesmic does borrow the “columns feature” from Tweetdeck, changing accounts is not as smooth as the latter (as Seesmic required two fingers swiping together, while Tweetdeck only requires one).

Aside from the multiple account advantage, power users on Twitter, Facebook, etc. will probably not enjoy Seesmic, as the app currently lacks video support (which is surprising as Seesmic owns a video service) as well as push notifications.

Seesmic for iPhone also lacks the ability to post video updates to either tweets or Facebook posts, a feature that is included within Tweetdeck (who utilizes 12seconds to power their tweet videos).

While the user interface is much easier than Tweetdeck’s (which may have to do with its lighter theme), unless Seesmic provides more features it may not gain that much traction on the app store (although its multi social approach could threaten Tweetdeck as well as Hootsuite).

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Fortunately for us Seesmic is free for you to checkout yourself (iTunes link), although here is a video highlighting Seesmic’s features from the company itself.

(via TechCrunch)

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