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Double your traffic with White Hat SEO techniques

Double your traffic with White Hat SEO techniques


Google search engine algorithm has incorporated numerous signals that are monitored, in order to rank web pages, hence you need to understand which factors are more respected by search engines because they make the difference between success and failure of SEO techniques. The most important areas that White Hat SEO techniques focus on are;

#1: Put Mobile first

Google has introduced the Mobile update since 2015, and it is referred to as “Mobilegeddon”. Those who changed their SEO strategies by incorporating mobile strategies are reaping the benefits today. Google has double-down on mobile platforms because it is the future of search, for this reason, Google search index has placed mobile ahead of all other factors hence you need to optimize your web pages for mobile usage if you want the best SERP hit. In order to make your website more mobile friendly, you need to access the “Search Console Account” and then read the report on mobile usability for your website- from this report, Google will tell you the mobile issues you need to fix.

#2: User experience must remain in your focus

It has been the focus of Google and other search engines to prioritize user experiences online. Enhanced mobile experience means, users; satisfaction must be improved, likewise a relative ease of usage and interaction with a product or website must be provided. The main aim of this SEO technique is to ascertain the user’s intention, and when this is known, you can enhance your website for smooth navigation. You need to see your website as a product, and when you run several experiments you will detect what is working and what is not. You need to keep testing your website’s usability until it meets user’s intention.

#3: Researched keywords

Keyword researching is still relevant, and will remain relevant. Google is not providing sufficient data on keywords, however there are SEO tool service providers, including Ahrefs that can be used for this purpose. Newly developed keyword research tools, available online have decided to put everything in context by providing nuances such as synonyms, stemming and answers. These newly developed keyword research tools create Keyword Groups and Parent topics, and when you have these information, you will be able to generate relevant contents with the right phrases and at the same time prevent keyword stuffing. You can read more about this by clicking here;

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#4: Have a content marketing strategy that is better than those of your competitors

According to a 205 research on content management, less than 40% of web owners agreed they have ineffective content management strategies. You need to understand that Google puts content in its top three factors for search engine ranking, you need to invest your time in order to make your contents reach its targets. Getting a useful content as well as the right audiences, means you need to develop empathy towards your prospective readers or customers.
Make sure you consider conversational searches, because they return the richest answers. Why your contents answer questions such as why, who, how and where, it becomes more marketable and it will return richer answers on Google search queries. Voice searches are also becoming more prominent, and your contents must be optimized to provide rich voice answers to searches.

#5: Make use of rich snippet provided by schema to gain competitive edge

Google has approved the use of Schema tools to generate relevant HTML tags as well as enhanced descriptions such as snippets to promote contents and researches shown that such components give its users an edge over their competitors.

#6: Link building

Earning relevant links from reputable sources will give your website credibility and a boost on Search engines, hence you must work hard to get such links. For more information on link building, you can click this link;

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  • Hi! Need help to figure it all out. About tools: do you by any chance know anything about SerpStat? What of it I can do with this tool? Do I need extra tools to do my seo?

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