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SEO for 2017: Post Penguin 4.0 and How to Take a Publisher’s Approach to Content

SEO for 2017: Post Penguin 4.0 and How to Take a Publisher’s Approach to Content

The days of old spun content that is merely there to get a link in order to boost search engine ranking effectively are gone. While this marketing tactic can benefit a company in the short term it has no long term benefits especially if one of these “link farms” are penalized by Google. Content being king is no news to many people in the industry but now the approach to content has shifted from pumping out articles to figuring out what will drive the most traffic with a single post.

Many companies have taken a publisher approach to content in order to make their SEO strategy more direct and measureable. The New York based SEO Company, Mimvi SEO, CEO Marcus Becker says on their new approach to content “You need to create a brand that has a voice and a message. Content needs to be link worthy with each link acquisition from a valued source.

Outreach will fail every time if you do not have in depth content to share with the blogger you are reaching out to. You will spin your wheels emailing people, while shutting the doors to any future relationships down the road.” The following are ways to take a publisher approach to content marketing and can help with your SEO in 2017.

The Content Has To Add Value to the Readers

Clickbait while it still has its merit has been saturated on content consumers over the past couple of years. The odds of the 5 best steakhouses in the world being even remotely accurate are quite low. Real content gets a company real traffic which although paid traffic is great, the conversion numbers for this traffic is nearly zilch. A great avenue to take is to create a resource that informs but also entertains. This could be hacks to fix your smartphone that has been dropped in the toilet or a financial firm using an infographic to highlight some tax breaks that are often skipped over.

This will be a guide people need on a consistent basis so it will draw traffic as well as convert months or even years later. These guides should be updated and rereleased as solid resources will be evergreen thus bringing you traffic as long as it is relevant.


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People Do Not Always Want to be Sold

Most people do not head to their favorite publication in order to read advertisements. This is why taking a publisher approach can have a greater impact as a useful piece of content might build a brand’s name or brand likeability. Those brands that constantly produce content that is only useful if you are looking to buy a product immediately. Other brands educate or entertain the consumers with the content that they create. With all of the social mentions along with sharing via social media this has a huge impact on SEO. Those articles or content pieces that generate the most traffic via social media as well as inform can be worth its weight in gold. Gone are the times of writing blog content that reads like a commercial as now is the time for real content as this is what people NEED!

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Creating Unique Types of Content

The fact is that many people enjoy a variety of different types of content on sites that they frequent. A company might have a great writer but there are times where writing about a topic doesn’t do the topic justice. For those boring industries (they exist, admit it) it can be great for a company to visualize their data in an infographic or interactive piece of content. Limiting a company’s SEO and content marketing to just one type of content is cutting out a huge demographic of people who would rather look at a graphic or video rather than consume written content.

Be a Publisher From The Social Media Aspect

One thing that companies can take out of approaching content like a publisher is acting like a publisher on social media. Each story that is published should be shared across all channels. The fact that quality content is being stressed will reduce the chance of followers thinking that the same old spun piece of content is being shared. Engage with commenters as well as those who reach out on social media. Content is just the first step but sharing and converting with it is a job in itself. Do not let a great piece of content go to waste by tweeting it out during a weekend or in the middle of the night. Know when your target demographic will be active on social media then schedule the post or tweet for then.

Taking a publisher’s approach to content might take a bit more care but it will be worth it in the end. This approach to content informs the consumer instead of constantly trying to sell the consumer. Content has gone from interrupting much like a commercial to persuading via content and influencer marketing. Don’t miss this wave as high quality content is here to stay.

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