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SEO and Small Businesses – Is It Worth It?

SEO and Small Businesses – Is It Worth It?

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You’ve heard it over and over: “You’ve got to have an awesome SEO strategy!”


Because everyone on the internet seems to be saying it.

Here’s the truth…

The random internet people are right this time.

Sorry. You actually do need an awesome SEO strategy.

We can say this because of the overwhelming proof.

DATA: 3.5 billion searches are done on Google every day.

small business eseoThat’s about 40,000 searches every second.

Serious statistic, right?

It’s a simple fact: Google runs the online traffic game. They allow some to win, and some to lose.

Those that win, see things like that huge influx of organic traffic (from search engines) on this pie chart.

They also know how to create an uphill slope in website traffic like this. They only know how to do this because they know the way to win the online game is good SEO.

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They know without it; their online business will indefinitely stagnate. People will always need to find you and research what you offer before throwing money at you, and they can’t do that if you don’t show up in search results.

If you aren’t able to pull traffic to your site from Google through SEO, you’re missing out on the most ROI-rich investment in the marketing world. 

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So, what is it?

Chances are, you’ve probably heard some about Search Engine Optimization already. SEO is a set of strategies that people use to get their sites to show up in Google, and thus get free traffic from search engines to land on their pages.

Depending on a secret set of algorithms, Google assigns your page a rank in its search results for a specific keyword that a searcher can type in. And you better believe ranking matters a whole lot.

DATA: 91.5% never venture past the first page of search results.

This is also why ranking matters.


The difference between getting ranked highly and getting ranked on page two is massive.

The traffic that SEO brings in is organic and perceived as “free”, so many business owners have a hard time rationalizing spending money on SEO.

But a high page ranking is neither free, nor does it happen overnight.

Making a page friendly to Google in every aspect requires a series of small changes that can only be done over weeks or months.

Here’s the thing.

If your car’s engine blows a gasket, trying to fix it yourself with no experience will take forever and you might end up making it worse. If you want to make actual results happen, leaving the work to SEO professionals is the best option.

You would have to learn all the rules, track the changes, constantly be reporting, learn how to use the many SEO tools, and come up with your own personal SEO strategy – but you’ve got your business growth to think about. 

Don’t think about SEO as traditional marketing

What this means, is that using SEO to get your business to show on page one of Google in your industry is incredibly hard; and you can’t just throw money at Google to make it happen.

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What you can do though, is use SEO to get your brand name to page one, and to get your pages to show in Google for specific audiences.

DATA: 94% of searchers click on the organic links rather than the paid ones.

PPC is a great addition to SEO so that you can be in each space and reach further, but its ROI is never going to have as much potential.

SEO allows you to give your brand visibility in search engines and make sure your local listings are accurate and robust.

DATA: Half of SMBs say they’ve never updated their listings online, but 85% of SMBs say it’s important for them to be found on search engines and local listings.

Ironic, isn’t it?

They know it’s important to their business but haven’t been able to actually pull the trigger on it yet.

Outside of this data, there are recurring benefits that we see our clients have when they make their sites pretty to Google, some of which are:

  • Highest returns.

One look at the skyrocketed price of other marketing activities like content creation, and you’ll see why this makes sense. The actual end result of SEO is a visible uptick in traffic that continues over time again and again. If you invest $5,000 into monthly work that produces $12,000 in business, there’s no more math needed to know that’s a god decision. PPC is awesome for an initial jump in traffic, but SEO is where the exponential gains will be made. 

  • Bigger Piece of the Pie.

With an average of 81% of people doing online research before buying any product, they need to be able to find you. If they can’t you’ll never be able to sell. If you aren’t in results, they’ll find the next guy on the list and go with him.

  • Local advantage.

As 40% of mobile searches are shown to be local, it’s not exactly something businesses with physical locations can ignore and make a profit.

What You Can Do

SEO comes with custom, innovative strategies that are always changing; which Digital Success Agency has been working with for 15 years.

We point Google traffic to web pages.

The most relevant kind too, the kind that’s looking for your company.

Check out the case studies, you can see what success looks like there. 

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Author: Kia Barocha is a content marketing strategist at Digital Success Agency, a leading digital marketing agency in Dallas providing result-oriented local search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) management, social media marketing (SMM) consulting and mobile marketing services.

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  • This is going to be blunt. Some businesses aren’t meant to make it long term. That’s the sad reality of how the world operates. Keeping up with the times and how consumers are using the internet to find exactly what they want, businesses who try to refute SEO and it’s immense benefits will just fall behind the curve, and probably end up out of business in the next 10-15 years.

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