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Top Website Builders for SEO

Top Website Builders for SEO

When you’re planning out a website, many aspects are just as important as if you were creating a traditional brick and mortar store; almost every decision can have far reaching implications and all of them demand due diligence if you want to ensure success.

When choosing a website builder, almost no element is as important as its search engine optimization (“SEO”) capability. SEO refers to how well your website will rank on search engines like Google and therefore determines how many visitors will come to your website “organically,” or without requiring you to shell out money PPC providers. Organic traffic is often the key to a website’s success… and given the ever-changing nature of good SEO, the more help you can get from a website builder, the better.

Historically, many do-it-yourself website builders had issues with SEO because their page elements were difficult for search engines to crawl or because of how the code was generated. Today, some website builders have vastly improved their SEO capabilities and a few even tacked on additional features to help users create websites that are SEO-friendly.

Below is a detailed rundown of some of the website builders who offer special features for SEO and an explanation as to why these just might be the top website builders as far as SEO is concerned. is a free website builder which has really begun to dominate the market in the last year. If you’re going to talk about website builders, their platform often heads the list. As far as SEO is concerned, Wix packs a lot of firepower. Unlike GoDaddy’s basic service, Wix include more advanced features making it a great platform for everything including portfolio websites, hotel and restaurant sites, and online stores. They also offer an integrated blog feature that can be added to any site. Regardless of what kind of website you want to build, Wix has tools to help ensure that your site is 100% SEO optimized – desktop and mobile.

Wix makes it very easy for you to add H1s, page titles, meta descriptions and alt text to every page or image on your website. The leading website builder also created an SEO Wizard which walks you step by step through the process of optimizing their site. The Wizard gives actionable advice and task lists based on your website’s content and includes in depth analytical tools.

Wix generates sitemaps for improved online visibility, allows for automatic submissions to linked social media accounts, and has number of search engine features which monitor your appearance in the search engine results pages, provides your website with easy meta tag and robots.txt management.


Jimdo is the small fry compared to the big name linked above, but like the others they have a wide variety of customizable templates. Jimdo makes this list because they bring a great library of SEO tools to the table which shouldn’t be discounted. With Jimdo, you can easily customize meta tags and add alt tags for images. Jimdo also easily integrates blogs onto various pages of your website and if you’re good about managing your blogroll, this can provide an immediate bump up. And like, Jimdo allows for the easy integration of social media accounts and has a great social sharing option for your pages. But the best part is that the Jimdo SEO software allows you to make SEO-relevant changes to your specific pages and posts, without limiting you purely to sitewide options.

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A huge majority of individuals go to GoDaddy for hosting and domain names, and with their frequent coupons, it’s easy to snag a great deal. But the Godaddy is also gaining some attention in the industry. For example, their website building tool assists you in identifying the right keywords for your website right from the get-go, helping you to streamline your content to include the buzzwords which will bring you organic traffic. It also offers special fields to help you submit your website to search engines, and offers a full battery of great features: analytics, sitemaps, visitor reports which track your rankings… and those of your top competitors! And there’s more: it tracks links to your site, submissions, and gives you a great SEO checklist to help you make sure your website is optimized. If you’re new to website ownership or the SEO game, this might be the most thorough tool on the market to help you get a leg up.

The Bottom Line

If you’re already bundling your services with GoDaddy, they might be the best website builder for you in terms of SEO options. If you don’t need industry-specific assistance and aren’t intending to put a lot of time into your website, Jimdo’s website builder might be for you. But if you aren’t tied to any other service providers, is a clear leader in terms of SEO-related options from a website builder.

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