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Social Media Image Sizes Guide 2015 [Infographic]

Social Media Image Sizes Guide 2015 [Infographic]

Writing an excellent, informative article or blog post is a critical building block in getting the eyeballs that you want, whatever your ultimate goal may be – selling your services or products, for example.

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But no one can ignore the role that content marketing plays. Without this activity, the chances of your wonderful content reaching as wide an audience as possible are nil.

Enter social media.

Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest..the usual suspects.

In order to maximize your content marketing efforts, you want to do what you can to make your social media posts as attractive and attention-grabbing as possible.

There is the title, of course – and the art of writing the perfect title has been talked to death. Let’s assume you’ve got that down pat.

Now, what’s important is to leverage images. Referencing the cliché about pictures and words, I cannot emphasize enough that if you’re going to use images in your social media posts (and you’d be daft not to), you ought to ensure that they look good.

Nothing’s worse than using images on social media that are unrecognizable, with text that can’t be read, or the wrong size.

Of course, social networks do have their guides so users know what sizes to use, but they also have this irritating habit of changing things up now and then.

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That being said, here’s something to make your life easier: the social media image sizes guide 2015 version.

Thanks to setupablogtoday, you have one handy image to refer to.

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2015 Social Media Image Size Guide

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