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How to Create Engaging Content Using Instagram Stories

How to Create Engaging Content Using Instagram Stories

Instagram is a great way to reach out to a large number of people in a short time span. It’s cool, fun and trendy and yet, an effective way to put yourself out there. With the cool new feature, Instagram Stories, you can now generate and use great content to get more followers. Here are some tips on how to slay the game!

Post regularly

It is important to post regularly so that you stay active on current feeds. Unless you are visible and regular, people will not remember you. Emphasise on striking and excellent content which will not only build brand awareness but also make your followers interested and even wait for more. Your followers are the key to your success so make sure your content is aimed to deliver what they want. Remember this that people online have very short patience, and shorter attention span, so in order to keep a regular flow of followers, you need to have an active profile. You can also use memes, behind the scene videos, video stories etc. to create more interest.


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Don’t overdo

Even though you need to post regularly, posting too much content might not be good for you either! You need to strike a healthy balance so that you do not come off as trying too hard nor, not visible at all. Make sure that your readers find your content carefully balanced between the other content they follow, and not just get flooded with your content only. A healthy balance will ensure that your followed don’t get irritated and unfollow you. It will also bring in more likes and shares.



Understand your followers

It is absolutely necessary to understand the psychology of your followers so that you can create effective content to reach out to them. People go through their feed at lightning speed and hence, your content has to be gripping enough for your followers to stop and read, maybe even think about it. Unless you can grab hold of their attention, they would not bother to stop for your posts. Users are more likely to enjoy posts that they can relate to, and hence, it is important to understand how and what you can create that will strike a chord with your followers. Once you figure that out, the rest of it should fall into place with some quality content

Invest in good content

This is one thing that simply cannot be stressed more! However good your products or services are, you simply cannot reach out without the help of good quality content for your stories. Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors since these bring down the quality of your content immediately. Irrespective of whether you are a famous band like The Beatles or a career maker like Forward Pathway, flawless content will go a long way in helping you get more followers and visibility.

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Keep track of content

Unlike a Facebook status, your Instagram stories don’t stay forever. So, it is easy to forget and end up repeating. Even though you might have forgotten, your followers might remember and get annoyed with the repetition. Always keep a note of the stuff you have posted so that you do not repeat it, at least in a month or so. Moreover, it is a good idea to alternate and cycle contents and you can create some sort of schedule to ensure that you don’t post similarly content in a row.

With some effort Instagram can become your go to means of advertisement with its immense popularity.


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