6 Effective Marketing Tips that Directly Impact Sales




While the concept of being agile in order to respond to a rapidly shifting market has been around for quite some time, it’s never been more important to be agile than in today’s market. With a rapidly shifting digital landscape as well as shifting trends in social media.

Social media is an extremely fluid marketplace that requires constant maintenance as well constant customer engagement. What is different in this day and age is the speed at which consumers communicate with each other and share their opinions. With this shift in the dynamic consumers are much more likely to act as a flock or a herd than ever before. Please them and they will flock to your door but if you ignore them they will stampede to the competition.

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The SEO of Tolstoy: A Guide to Effective Content Strategy

The SEO of Tolstoy: A Guide to Effective Content Strategy (via Wallaroo Media)

The SEO of Tolstoy: A Guide to Effective Content Strategy In order to run an effective content strategy for yourself or a client, you need to keep in mind that your audience requires specific, useful information in order to make an informed decision…

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Why Outbound Links Matter For Bloggers

outbound links

outbound links

For as long as search engine optimizers have existed, they’ve focused a huge amount of time and resources on obtaining inbound links for their sites. There’s a very good reason for that: among the 200 or so signals that Google considers when determining ranking positions in the SERPs, inbound links are of vital importance. However, there is considerable diversity of opinion when it comes to linking out from a site to other sites. SEOs are often concerned that outbound links will degrade their site’s standing and prefer to link to their own content, keeping the link juice they gather to themselves. They are also worried about giving away link juice and hence ranking potential to other sites within their niche.

In fact, outbound links can be beneficial for SEO, so it’s worth thinking about the ways in which such links can both benefit and harm a site’s status in the eyes of Google and other search engines. [Read more…]

The Big Benefit of Google Authorship and How to Setup in Seconds

Google Authorship

Google Authorship

Google Authorship made its first appearance in June 2011, and allows writers or bloggers to “connect” with their content across the web. Any webpage that has the proper Authorship markup will display basic info from your public Google+ profile, including your photo. Now, before you start worrying, the good news is you don’t have to be active on Google+ in order to take advantage of this feature. It’s a great social network, but definitely not necessary. All you need is a properly filled out profile, and you’re ready to rock.

Despite being available for over two years, there are still many who have yet to add the necessary code to their website or websites. Is it because setting it all up is too difficult? If that’s the case, we’ll be diving into a method which requires zero coding at all. If it’s because many still don’t know about it, that could definitely be the case, too. Earlier this month, Jeff Bullas published a post by Joana Ferreira titled, “Why Aren’t More Bloggers Claiming Ownership of Their Content?[Read more…]

Protection against the Dark Arts: Ways to better control social content

Protection against the Dark Arts: Ways to better control social content (via Pando Daily)

By Cale Guthrie Weissman On October 10, 2013Even before it became known that the NSA was tracking citizens’ online movements, Web users have been looking for ways to control the information they disseminate online. Since Instragram’s controversy…

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How to Easily Create a WordPress-Powered Sales Page



WordPress powers millions of blogs, and is used in a wide variety of situations. Thanks to its flexibility, many companies use it in place of a traditionally designed website, and with the many themes and plugins available, you can do some pretty cool stuff with multimedia. If you’ve been on the interwebs for any length of time, you’re familiar with the sales page. Usually it starts out with bold, bright text, and is followed by pages of why you need to buy XYZ product or service.

For the average blogger, if you’re trying to sell your own product or service, having a dedicated sales page may be a bit overkill. In fact, there are many sales pages that are just whipped up on a new page. However, if you’d like a bit more control with something, there is an easy way to create a WordPress-powered sales page. As with any self-hosted blog, you’ll need to pay for hosting, but the theme mentioned in this post is free. Created by Syamsul Alam, it installs just like any other theme. First, you’ll need to go here, and click the download link at the very top. I’ve inspected the code, and nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary. [Read more…]

3 Ways to Overcome Your Frustrations With WordPress


Image via Shutterstock

Although there are a number of different platforms available to use to set up your blog, a majority of the blogs on the Internet use WordPress. There’s good reason, too: It’s simple to use with big buttons and an intuitive process. And you can add all kinds of plugins and gadgets to make your site even more attractive and memorable.

Still, there are inevitable hurdles we all run into during crunch time. How many of us haven’t wanted to throw our computers out the window on certain occasions when WordPress was acting up? The good news is that thanks to a little online training you can become an expert in all things WordPress implementation and troubleshooting. Here are some of the ways you can save yourself time and frustration: [Read more…]

How to Use Quora to Cook Up Great Content



The most successful blogs offer useful content often, as it keeps readers coming back and helps with search rankings. But with the pressure to constantly come up with new ideas, it’s normal for bloggers to experience “blogger’s block” and become a bit overwhelmed with it all. Fortunately there are sites like Quora that can help you generate new ideas by discovering what people are asking about — and searching for — already. [Read more…]

Why Marketing Your Blog is Crucial to Its Success

Because blogging has become more mainstream, it’s not enough anymore for businesses to simply have a blog, publish some posts, and call it a day. Blogging has become its own unique cog in the overall branding and marketing machine, forcing companies and blog owners to additionally market their blog if they want to make it successful.

Marketing your blog and promoting the great content that you are focused on writing can help not only generate more blog traffic, but also get more referrals clicks to other pages of your website, especially if you are regularly linking to them within your blog posts (where appropriate). [Read more…]

Promotional Materials For Your Website: From Simple Products To Offering Your Time

Off-Site Branding

Off-Site BrandingWebmasters tend to think in black and white when it comes to their websites. Build a great website, follow proper SEO guidelines, and hope for the best. While on-site optimization and social media engagement are both important, site owners can benefit greatly from off-site promotion.

The best way to get your name out there is to constantly push your brand. When I launch a new website I like to order simple products that will place my websites name in front of influencing people. Pens, koozies and chip clips are all great products because they are cheap and constantly used. I also like to incorporate my time as a service.

Websites that offer promotional products like these provide a cheap advertising solution that won’t break the bank while letting users know they care.

The trick with off-site branding it to get your products into the right hands. Here are a few simple solutions. [Read more…]