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Starting a Blog? 5 Topics People Care About in 2017

Starting a Blog? 5 Topics People Care About in 2017

If the goal of your blog is to strike a chord with as many people as possible, you’re probably spending a lot of time researching which topics and subject matters are best. Well, if you’re launching a blog in the near future, there are a few topics that are all-but guaranteed to produce results.

Five Topics the Internet is Ravenously Consuming

You may think that everyone is unique and has their own personal preferences, but the truth is that people raised in the midst of similar circumstances will ultimately cling to the same things. Sure, we all have our own unique differences, but we all spend time thinking about and talking about common topics when it’s all said and done.
In 2017, here are a few popular topics:

Healthy Eating

As unhealthy as our country is (on average), we’re fascinated by the thought of being healthy. The idea of fresh food, exercise, and even spiritual health are things that grab our attention.

All you have to do is run a quick Google search on healthy eating and you’ll be amazed by all of the blogs, websites, and online resources that are dedicated to this topic. The key is to find a very specific niche and explore it on your blog.

Remote Working

According to a study by Dialpad, nearly 9 out of 10 people say they would prefer to work remotely at least one full day per week. Assuming your audience is reflective of the general population, the vast majority of your readers are interested in remote working.

Remote working is a hot topic right now. People want to know how they can find new jobs or convince their boss to let them work from home. Those who already work remotely want advice on ways to stay productive and the best tools and gadgets for on-the-go productivity. The options for blog posts in this niche are limitless.

Making Money Online

Making money online goes hand in hand with remote working, which is why it’s no coincidence that they’re both included on this list. If your audience consists of people who have entrepreneurial mindsets, this topic will do exceptionally well. However, much like with healthy eating, the key to standing out is to focus on a smaller niche topic.

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3D Printing

In terms of mobile traffic, it seemed like 3D printing sort of peaked in 2013-2014. But then prices started to drop on the technology and more and more people became interested in buying their own and getting involved in the hobby side of things. This has once again made it a popular topic – particularly for audiences with a penchant for engineering and design.

Minimalist Design

It’s interesting to study the trend of American society. Fifteen years ago, everyone wanted lots of stuff. People were building McMansions and filling up every room with as much stuff as they could possibly afford. In 2017, we’ve reversed course. People are intrigued by the idea of tiny homes and minimalist design. The latter topic is especially popular in the U.S. and makes for great blog content.

Give Your Audience Special Consideration

This list is valuable, but you obviously can’t copy and paste it into your blogging strategy for this year. You have to understand who your audience is and which topics excite them. For example, if your blog is about becoming the best version of yourself, healthy eating and making money online are probably great topics. 3D printing? Not so much.

Give your audience special consideration as you pick popular topics. Not all of them will work, but you should be able to find one or two that resonate with the masses. When you find these topics, the results will be well worth the research.

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