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7 Ways to Use Video on Your Blog to Get More Engagement

7 Ways to Use Video on Your Blog to Get More Engagement

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Content consumers are living in a world perfectly formulated for them to enjoy. Hundreds of thousands of blogs are creating and sharing content with their audiences on a daily basis, and the consumer can take their pick of which websites to browse regularly.

Ensuring that you make their short list is not always easy, but certain techniques can almost guarantee good results.

With these seven techniques, you’ll see an increase in engagement value in no time.

7 Ways to Use Video on Your Blog to Get More Engagement

#1: Go Square!

It’s not often that I recommend you put things in the box, but in this case, I’m not talking about creativity.

video on blog

It has been found that using square videos, as opposed to landscape videos, can improve engagement, views, and retention, especially among mobile viewers. Considering the way that videos are viewed on phones and other mobile devices, this makes sense, but not all marketers have made that move.

Moving from landscape to square showed an 80 to 100% increase in engagement. Who can say no to that?

#2: Include Video When Emailing Subscribers

Regularly engaging with your subscribers through a well-curated email list is a great way to build your blog, and including video will make it even more engaging.

It’s already been shown that using the word “video” in your subject line improves email open rates by up to 19%  and CTR by up to 65%. All it takes is including a snapshot of the video in your email and a link to the blog content where they can find the video. With that, you will drastically improve email-based engagement.

#3: Break Up Long Posts With Related Videos

When you have long blog posts, you need to break up the text to keep the reader interested in what they are reading. Not only does this re-engage their minds with a unique change in media type, but it also keeps them on your page longer and lowers your bounce rate.

On average, dwell time will increase by two minutes with the use of videos. The longer they spend on your page, the better the chances are that they will continue to engage with your content.

#4: Use Video Regularly, Even If It’s Not Yours

There’s a common misconception that engaging with videos means that you need to make your own video content from scratch. While it is a great idea to create your own content, there are thousands of talented content creators out there doing just that. Why not use that content to increase engagement within your site?

Creating good engagement on your site with video is all about using the best videos that will truly help and interest your audience. Find valuable videos that:

  • Answer common questions that your audience might have and
  • Make them laugh or engage emotionally with the overall blog post.

These videos do not have to be created by you to provide value to your readers.

#5: Personalize Your Video Content

Whether you are using video within emails, on landing pages, or simply within articles, personalizing that content for every viewer who views it can have a profound impact on your engagement rates.

In fact, personalized video sees up to a 35% higher retention rate of viewers who watch the video to the end. If more of your potential audience makes it to the end of your video content, more of them will be likely to further engage with you.

Use personalized video to make the experience for each viewer more special, and they’ll be more apt to become a regular and follow your calls-to-action.

#6: Introduce Yourself

video on blogIt’s likely that your blog already features an “about me” section, but have you incorporated video into your story yet? Whether you are a solo blogger or a small business, encouraging people to become invested in your story will do wonders to help your future engagement.

People love to be part of a story, and visually showing off who you are and what you can do for those watching will bring every viewer into the fold. If you want to have a lasting impact on long-term engagement, be genuine and show who you are. Storytelling of this nature does wonders.

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#7: Go Live

While not for every blogger or content professional, going live on video can be a great way to boost engagement on your blog, even if you’re not hosting the live video there!

Using the live video functions available on Facebook, Instagram, and a number of other social sites is a great way to build hype for your blog.

For example, if you are releasing an article about ten ways to improve SEO within an article, you can start a live video about SEO on your related social media accounts. Share one or two of the techniques in the video, and then ask those watching to check out your actual blog post for more details.

Not only will this technique create movement from a secondary site to your main blog, but it will also create a sense of belonging for the readers who make this move. They will be more likely to keep up engagement with your content as a result.

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Robyn Howard is a video enthusiast and content manager over at She works with a team of techies to help people create, edit, personalize, and publish production-quality video campaigns to engage their audience. These personalized videos can be featured on websites, landing pages, video-sharing sites, and Facebook.

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  • I’m absolutely certain that a lack of video content is holding my blog back, but I don’t like the idea of using ones from other people. This has motivated me to fix it and get to action

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