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3 Highly Effective Tools to Supercharge Your Content Marketing Strategy

3 Highly Effective Tools to Supercharge Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing

Forming an effective content marketing strategy for your blog gives way to a host of benefits. Not only will you be able to produce high-quality and more focused blog content on a consistent basis, but you can also expect increased traffic, leads, and sales!

When developing your own strategy for your blog, you will need to keep these factors in mind:

  • Content Rate of Investment (ROI) – The ability to track and measure the performance of your content is imperative to the success of your blog. Therefore, you need to calculate the ROI for each of your content pieces so you can determine how much you should earn from your blog posts.
  • Authority building – By writing well-researched posts about the niche of your blog, you are able to showcase your knowledge to your target audience online. As a result, your audience will consider you as a subject matter expert. The more high-quality posts you publish, the more you amplify your authority within your niche!
  • Brand storytelling – Your blog is more than the posts you publish. By being able to get personal with your audience through storytelling without compromising your blog objectives, you get to appeal to the reader’s emotions. By taking hold of their emotions, you can further engage them into becoming your customers down the line.

If you have incorporated any of these factors into your strategy, then you ought to use the tools listed below to help you achieve a more fulfilling and profitable content marketing.


TrenDemon   Automatically Boost Revenue from Your Content

Pricing: Free (Publishers), $199/month (Pro Marketers)

Even if you have done your research and legwork, the process of creating content on your blog can be time-consuming and nerve-wracking from time to time. This is where TrenDemon, an an automated performance optimization solution to maximize ROI from content marketing, comes in to make the entire process much more easier.

Best way to use TrenDemon for content marketing: Content ROI

By signing up as a Pro Marketer, you will receive real-time suggestions from TrenDemon on how to boost conversions with the content you’re creating. Suggestions include the best call to action for your post, identify the most effective avenues for conversion to achieve your goals much quicker, and promotional channels on social media that draw the most traffic and engagement.

By following the suggestions provided by this tool, you can expect to meet – and even exceed – ROI you’ve set for your content!

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You are the content you publish.

Pricing: Free (Basic), $12.99/month (Professionals), $79/month (Businesses)

Content curation is a great way to educate your target audience about the topics covered on your blog using existing content online. Using allows you to search for the best posts related to your blog and compile them using this tool.

Best way to use for content marketing: authority building

Staying on top of the latest posts within your niche by curating the best ones using your account allows you to create a resource hub to educate your audience with helpful and informative posts that’s not found on your blog. You can do this by including the RSS feeds of the sites that publish relevant content related to your blog in the tool so can curate content directly from the tool.

To further build your authority using, you can include your thoughts and comments on each of the links you curated. The content you curated using this tool can be promoted through social media as well to help you reach out to your fans and followers.

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Aside from thought leadership, you can launch lead generation campaigns using its built-in signup form and boost its SEO performance for paid users.

For more information on how to use the right way, refer to this post at Search Engine Watch.


Roojoom   Turn Content Into Leads

Pricing: $149/month (Gold), $699/month (Platinum)

Roojoom is a hybrid tool that effectively combines content marketing, curation, and lead generation tactics into one robust and impressive service. Its drag and drop feature allow you to create step-by-step type of content from the site that you can embed on your blog.

Best way to use Roojoom for content marketing: brand storytelling

This online service banks in on visual storytelling to help brands and bloggers make more impact with their personal stories and experience. The presentation of the created “roojoom” is similar to an interactive slide deck. Also, they can benefit from a signup form that they can include at the end of their roojoom to boost their lead generation camapaigns.

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