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5 Evergreen Content Marketing Ideas for Virtually Any Business

5 Evergreen Content Marketing Ideas for Virtually Any Business

evergreen content marketing ideas

The news cycle moves fast. Indeed, what is a big story today may be totally forgotten by almost everyone after a week or two. As such, it makes sense for businesses to pursue a (mostly) evergreen content marketing strategy. Evergreen content, unlike topical content, has the potential to remain relevant for long periods of time. In theory, an evergreen piece of content should remain prescient years into the future. With that in mind, today we’ll take a closer look at this content style and explain how virtually all businesses can use it to their advantage:

5 Evergreen Content Marketing Ideas

Answer Customer FAQs

Though products and services may change with time, customers tend to ask the same sort of questions year after year. Therefore, it’s almost always a good idea to use blog posts as a platform to answer questions that you and your team hear all the time. These articles are most effective when they address FAQs directly. In fact, doing so could help a company achieve a featured snippet as well.

Behind-the-Scenes Features

Customers value transparency. Now more than ever, sophisticated consumers want to know how a company conducts business, what they value, and how they operate in a day-to-day fashion. There’s a lot of value in creating content that gives consumers the opportunity to see your team in action. This can actually help to humanize your brand, which is something that larger companies may struggle to do.

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How-to Guides

Sometimes business leaders may feel reticent to share too much about their company’s process. They fear that their methods could be co-opted or stolen by competitors. Yet, the reality is that providing useful information to consumers –– and competitors –– is a great way to boost website visibility. And that is worth more than any “trade secret” a business leader may be holding in their back pocket.

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Case Studies

Don’t be afraid to highlight your own success. When businesses perform well for their patrons, they should take the opportunity to let others know about it. Case studies are perfect for just such a scenario. Plus, case studies allow businesses to discuss certain products or features in an in-depth manner. For example, a company like Envision Security could use a case study to demonstrate how smart homes can save people money on utility bills.


While the majority of evergreen content should remain helpful to consumers over time, some aspects of a given piece of content may need to be updated. After all, if you have a blog with statistics from 2017, now may be a good time to look up more recent data. Revising old, evergreen content can help companies attract new clients and maintain a solid reputation within their field. Remember, nothing is static –– and that should include your existing content!

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