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5 Ways Bloggers Can Find Marketing Inspiration

5 Ways Bloggers Can Find Marketing Inspiration

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As a blogger, it’s easy to go through the motions and feel like you aren’t making any progress. And if you find yourself in one of these ruts, it’s important that you set aside some time to rekindle the flame, so to speak. 

The Importance of Inspiration in Creativity

Inspiration can be defined as a motivational state that compels people to bring ideas into fruition. And while inspiration plays a role in many distinct areas of our lives, it’s especially valuable in stoking creativity. 

According to research from well-respected psychologists Todd M. Thrash and Andrew J. Elliot, there are three core aspects or qualities of inspiration. First off, inspiration is evoked spontaneously without intention. Secondly, inspiration is transcendent and usually involves a moment of awareness of new possibilities. Thirdly, inspiration involves approach motivation – a point where the individual strives to express or actualize the new idea or vision.

Creativity is all about seeing new and unique possibilities beyond what already exists. Inspiration serves as the springboard for creativity. In other words, it nudges the brain and puts the mind in a place where it can be imaginative and original.

5 Ideas for Finding Marketing Inspiration

Good marketing and writing require an endless supply of creativity. Thus as a blogger, you have to prioritize inspiration. And, thankfully, it’s all around you. Here are some unique and intriguing ways you can let inspiration drive your creativity and, ultimately, enhance your blog. 

1. Follow Creative Brands Online

You never want to copy another company’s branding, but there’s something really valuable about immersing yourself in what other brands are doing as a form of inspiration.

Develop a list of 10 or 15 brands that think outside the box and closely follow everything they do on a weekly basis. From the blog posts they publish to the social media content they share to the advertisements they run, everything is a potential source of inspiration. 

If you’re looking for content marketing inspiration, try following brands like Volkswagen, Starbucks, Sharpie, Oreo, and Whole Foods.

2. Spend Time in Nature

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“In order for the brain to function at its highest possible level, you need to be able to reduce fatigue and boost your energy levels,” entrepreneur Dhaval Patel writes. “This allows your brain to restore itself so you can start thinking of new ideas and harnessing your highest analytical abilities.”

Research shows that spending just 20 minutes per day in nature is enough to boost your brain and provide inspiration. This inspiration can then be used to enhance your creative thinking.

3. Read Books on Leaders

There’s something powerful about studying what other successful people have done – both inside and outside of your field. Spend time reading books on leaders and making notes of all the times they’ve failed and succeeded. This will give you the inspiration you need to keep pushing through.

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4. Consult a Horoscope

Seriously. Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone and pursue totally original ideas for inspiration. For example, try consulting a horoscope to gain a little inspiration from beyond the stars.

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For marketing-centric advice, check out BlueSwitch’s monthly horoscopes. If nothing else, you can use these two- or three-sentence anecdotes to find encouragement and motivation to push through.

5. Tie Your Hands

It’s possible that you have too many options, tools, and resources to work with. History shows that some of the most creative business and marketing ideas have arisen out of a lack of resources. In other words, we tend to be more creative when we’re forced to work within certain parameters.

Try developing at least one blog post each week where you purposefully tie your hands (not literally) behind your back. For example, force yourself to write a 300-word blog post in which you mention an animal, a piece of fruit, and a celebrity from the 1980s (or any other unrelated categories). The topic still has to fit your blog and readers, but it has to meet the requirements laid out. You’ll be amazed by how creative you can get when you’re forced to work within these constraints.

Stay on the Cutting Edge

You can’t remain stagnant or predictable for too long. If you do, your audience will become disengaged and you’ll find it challenging to consistently move people to action. By surrounding yourself with inspiration at every moment of every day, you can maximize creativity and get better results in your blog and your life.

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