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50 Content Marketing Ideas to Go From Rookie to Super Hero [Infographic]

50 Content Marketing Ideas to Go From Rookie to Super Hero [Infographic]

It is no secret that bloggers have to wear many different hats; content creators, content marketers, social media managers, website administrators, search engine optimization to name a few.

Many bloggers even venture into Pay Per Click, email marketing, and inbound marketing.

Many bloggers believe they have a grasp on content creation. If you accept guest posts on your blog then you know the traditional run of the mill content like those that start with:

  • ‘5 tips for x’ or
  • ‘Top 5 tools for y’.

Of course, once in a while, you will get an awesome piece of content written by a guest author.

To get the most out of these precious content nuggets whether it was written by you or a guest author, you need to promote your content ten times (10x) better than your competitor.   

It is easier to get results with an epic piece of content – in other words, pillar content. Something like an infographic or reference content that is bigger and better than what is out there. This is the kind of content you need for content marketing.

Content marketing is one of the most underutilized disciplines when it comes to blogging. There are many avenues and ideas but not all of them are good for every industry, so check out this infographic by SocialMediaMarketo which lists 50 content marketing ideas that will help you to go from content marketing rookie to superhero.

Remember, the most important lesson in content marketing is to learn, gain experience, see what’s working and refine your strategy.

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This post was written by Cent, a regular contributor to and; he loves the laptop lifestyle and escaping the 9 to 5. He has a passion for creating and marketing visually stunning content like infographics. Catch him on Twitter @centmuru.

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