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7 Reasons Blogging is Essential for Law Firms

7 Reasons Blogging is Essential for Law Firms

These days everybody has a blog. So why shouldn’t law firms? It’s becoming more and more common for businesses of every kind to maintain a blog that keeps readers up to date on industry developments, news about the organization, and general knowledge about the field. Maintaining a quality blog has numerous benefits to law firms in particular. We’ve put together just seven to consider.

Increases Search Engine Optimization

SEO is everything in digital marketing. Having a powerful blog that gets linked to often increases your SEO and drives your website further up search engine results lists. A static website only has so many keywords in it, but a website with a blog is always increasing the amount of searches it lands on as a result. Give your blog a wide enough scope to bring in traffic from a variety of searches, but still narrow enough that it remains relevant to what you actually do.

Gets People Coming Back to Your Website

A potential client may click on your website once or twice when considering legal counsel, and you might be easy to forget. But if you run an interesting and engaging blog then they’ll keep coming back. Give readers a reason to return by filling your blog with exciting content that readers feel they couldn’t get anywhere else. Keep the language simple and relatively jargon-free. The law is complex to the layperson, and they’ll appreciate it being broken down in a way they can understand without feeling patronized. If your blog makes the law less intimidating, readers will be visiting your website daily to take in the information you give them. And every click gets them closer to soliciting your services.

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It’s Cheap Advertising

Marketing isn’t cheap, even in the digital space. But blogging is practically free, especially if it’s being written by the lawyers themselves. People link to blogs from their own websites or social media, and that drives up your traffic and SEO. Not to mention you can use the blog to bolster your own social media campaigns. You can tweet or email out every blog post to make those profiles more thought out and engaging. An eye-catching title with quality writing on an important subject will bring people to your webpage and have them considering your business.

Displays Expertise

A well-run blog with relevant and correct content doesn’t just improve traffic and SEO, it also helps establish your reputation. “Your blog tells customers you’re engaged in the industry and up to date”, comments Rod Dixon, the owner of The Dixon Firm, PC. “These days not having a blog can make you seem outdated, stuffy, and behind the times”. Technology has made itself a part of the legal process, and potential clients may be wary of a firm that doesn’t seem ready to embrace the modern world. Your blog should update readers with developments in the legal world, and show that you know what you’re talking about!

Sharpens Your Writing Skills

Obviously, writing is an important skill for lawyers. Writing a blog is a great way to keep that skill sharp and increase your creativity. You’ll find yourself wording things differently to get the message across in more clear or interesting way. Not to mention it forces you to research and actually stay up to date on your field, instead of falling behind. Maintaining a blog can be a fun and relatively easy way to train yourself in different writing styles.

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People Like Blogs Better than Ads

Blogs are advertising that pretends otherwise. People don’t like ads. They’re annoying and intrusive. But blogs present themselves as an invitation to learn. People are rarely forced to read a blog, so any marketing attempts are going to come through more clearly and to a more accepting mind. Don’t be heavy handed about it, but let your blog present a problem to which your firm is the solution.

Helps Build Your Brand

A blog is one part of your overall brand, but it’s a clear way to establish your voice and place in the industry. Are you an international corporate firm with a focus on professionalism and huge accounts? You can let that show clearly in the language you choose. Are you focusing on the average Joe, trying to connect to an audience that doesn’t already know all the legal jargon and ins and outs of the process? Let your blog say that! Your blog can let the world know what your goals are and how you can serve your clients.

Develop a blog not just to keep up with the times, but because it’s an edifying practice than is sure to bring success to the people who write it and to your firm overall. People don’t tend to pick their lawyers from matchboxes anymore — so find them where they are!

Author Bio: Jamichael Mitchell is the founder of EraBright, a digital marketing agency specializing primarily in search engine optimization. He regularly produces content for a variety of business and marketing blogs, focusing on online lead generation for small to midsize businesses. 

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