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Content Marketing: Expectations Vs Reality

Content Marketing: Expectations Vs Reality

People who deal with content strategizing and marketing have been in a crisis where their expectations were not met and got something different from what they expected. It could range from a lot of things, from online shopping, food, to even attending an event. This could lead to disappointment and demotivates you in doing things ahead of you. Such things happen to content marketers and their marketing tactics too. At times, marketers get disappointed with their strategies due to their high expectations or their process of working won’t yield any result. To get the right set of results, one must have realistic expectations and a greater deal in reality.

Imagine looking at an advertisement of a huge juicy patty burger only to have a swallowed looking mid-sized one. One often gets swept up in infomercials so much that the end result is never what they were hoping for. The same can be said for content marketing expectations and its reality. When it comes to content marketing, one needs to re-adjust their perspective in their approach to have a fresh perspective. 

Loss in weight can bring weightage in your personality

Expectation: I can write blog posts and articles as much as I want, using the same template every time

Reality: You don’t want your website to look like a set of people that creates mass production, preferring quantity over quality. When one uses the same content, it not only hampers the business in terms of business reach, growth, and long term-short term marketing objectives. This also makes a website feel mundane and eventually paves the way in losing your audience to read your blogs and articles. 

The solution is, it doesn’t matter the type of content you use, one must do some core research focusing on relevant keywords. Writing unique content, adding images, working on infographic content, and procuring videos. One can also evaluate the results by using Google Analytics to have a clear understanding of the weaker and stronger areas and create content using your audience’s interests and likings. 

We are aware of the importance of creating quality content but it is also important to be consistent with it. When one posts regularly to create content, it makes one be an excellent content curator for other readers to go through. The optimum goal of content marketing is to build brand awareness with authentic customer experience. 

Would be the talk of the town overnight

Expectation: I just have to focus on creating content that has a slap of humor with few images and will be instantly shared on other top platforms and my content will be viral in seconds! 

Reality: To ensure that many people read your content, it requires strategic planning to get shared on other platforms. There are numerous platforms like Hootsuite and Sprout Social to smoothen the process of business online in monitoring and managing the content. Such software allows one to analyze the metrics, response and even reschedule the posts weeks and months before. With such software, you just need to craft the posts as per the mode of social media platforms, there are times when some posts do great on certain platforms like Facebook and others don’t necessarily produce good numbers. To get a good response, one can follow the latest trends on different platforms to understand the advantages and disadvantages and how particular content can complement your social media strategy. 

Love at first sight 

Expectations: With the few added top-notch lines and ad lines in the blog posts, my readers are going to love the content. 

Reality: Your content could be great but while reading everyone goes through a different thought process like: 

  • “I have read this somewhere”
  • “Hmm…interesting” 
  • “Not that great” 
  • “I love this blog” 
  • “This is so boring” 

When writing a blog, your inclination should be towards getting a response than making them love it. Your content should serve the purpose of educating on the topic and serving a meaningful Logue on people sharing and commenting on it. It could also be thought-provoking and can also trigger the negative reactions but when it is backed with research, facts, and quality, one can start with a full-fledged debacle. One should realize that not everybody is going to give you a gold star on your content and having criticism is OK. The goal here is to understand your audience’s reaction and how to turn them into a fruitful outlook. 

Libraries often go empty 

Expectation: Posting good content on the website can lead to maximum digital exposure and one can get massive traffic in one go.

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Reality: The key to good content marketing is, one gets a lot of patience and hard work. In case you have a thought process that you’ll receive high conversions overnight, one will end up losing their patience even before getting a dime of the results. 

The idea is to publish and publish the popular content on the platform, one would get higher traffic with other traffic factors like backlinking, social media promotions and other interactive modes. This is where SEO plays a key role in generating traffic. One should always have patience and an understanding that it takes a concrete web of the network to yield results and it is a steep learning curve of trial and error. To analyze the results and edit it accordingly. It shouldn’t feel like a mass-produced factory, and wrong content marketing could hamper your business growth and long term marketing goals. 

Content should be well researched, with facts and figures that lays emphasis on proving the content matters. When it is focused on infusing the right content and keywords, the potential of SEO can boost with search rankings. More than this, it should be focused on people and content that one could actually enjoy. Your content marketing strategy should build the credibility of your brand with great user experience and gain the trust of the reader. There are numerous types of blogs available on the platform and it isn’t read by many people, it is an infallible wall of great content and with the growth, one would be able to get the premium readers with the quality. 

Also, one bad piece of writing can create a stir in your content growth and can dent the trust of your visitors. 

Author Bio

Kiara McColl is a content manager at Clickmatix digital marketing agency, where she gets to do what she loves doing- writing and managing content with smart digital marketers in the company. She also has expertise in web marketing, search engine optimization, social media, affiliate marketing. Her strong passion for technology always drives her to explore the changing trends in the digital industry and making people know about it through her blogs.  

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