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The Current State of Content Marketing [Infographic]

The Current State of Content Marketing [Infographic]

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Content marketing provides a huge opportunity for many businesses to bring in new clients and keep existing clients returning. The leads that quality content can generate are invaluable for the businesses who get them. Unfortunately, a lot of that huge opportunity is a missed opportunity because businesses aren’t getting the results they want from content creation and marketing. Though the majority of businesses do some kind of content marketing, their efforts and their results often do not match up, leaving businesses frustrated or down on the content marketing process.

Forbes reported at the end of 2015 that although 88 percent of business to business marketers used content marketing, only 32 percent had an actual content strategy. On the other side, Neil Patel reports that only 42 percent of businesses say their content marketing strategy is effective. If so many companies recognize how important content marketing is, why aren’t they doing a better job at it?

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Though content marketing is a growing field in advertising, many people still don’t quite understand how it works. That’s why CopyPress turned to more than 300 people who work in the industry to find out about the current state of content marketing. Content marketing agencies, businesses who use content marketing, and freelancers who produce the content painted a picture of what’s happening in the industry today and where it might be headed in the future. Scroll down to see the full infographic and to discover more about the current state of content marketing.

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This post was written by Derek Miller, a content marketing consultant for CopyPress. CopyPress is a leading digital content production company, specializing in articles, infographics, interactives, and videos.

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