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Your Guide to Local SEO 2016

Your Guide to Local SEO 2016

local seo guide 2016

By this time, every brick and mortar business recognize the need for an online presence. They build websites, either using DIY website builders or hiring pros to do the job. They also recognize the need for a business blog and invest in it in varying degrees.

If you’re a blogger for a company, or you treat your blog as a business (which you should, actually), then one of your priorities is to get people to know about your blog. You need to find your way up the search engine rankings in order to get the eyeballs you need.

Amongst the thousands of SEO tips and tricks offered online, local SEO is sometimes overlooked, especially by bloggers whose main focus is online, online, and online.

By ignoring local SEO, you might be missing out on a huge thing. For one moment, forget about target “general” keywords and shift your focus to your physical surroundings. Target your local market by launching an SEO campaign to reach it.

On-Page Optimization Tips to Complement Your Great Content

You may be unsure how to go about it, but here’s a quick, easy-to-follow, and effective guide to local SEO. If you want to hog the local traffic and dominate your niche in your area, then you need to know how to:

  • Optimize on-page SEO elements to correspond with local details (phone numbers, addresses, etc.).
  • Create original content that your local audience can strongly¬†relate to.
  • Use and optimize images that will cater to your specific market.
  • Be proactive in getting reviews.
  • Get links from other local entities.

Discover all these and more from the infographic below.

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Local SEO Guide 2016

local seo guide 2016


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