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Ways How Small Businesses Can Leverage Interactive Content

Ways How Small Businesses Can Leverage Interactive Content

If you are a website owner, you should be aware of the important role your target audience plays in your development. You should also be wary that turning your audience into customers requires creativity and ingenuity on your end.

This is why you should invest in creating more interactive content for your site.

This content type refers to dynamic pages in your site that demands reaction from your visitors.

Interactive content is in stark contrast with the usual written types of content seen from websites. Instead of investing in the creating of disposable and passive content, make a more conscious effort to engage with your audience by providing them with usable content.

When integrated as part of your content marketing strategy, interactive content will help you generate more leads, build an audience much faster, and increase your brand visibility much quicker!

If you want to see how interactive content works in this level for your business, check out the examples below.

Survey and quizzes


Whether you like BuzzFeed or not, it has become one of the most visited websites in 2014.

Aside from their clickbait titles, quizzes have been their main source of traffic from Facebook, according to Business Insider. Despite the decrease of organic reach of Facebook Pages, BuzzFeed is able to sustain traffic by doing one big quiz a day.

When done correctly, quizzes and surveys can help you gather information from your audience that you can use to generate reports or create marketing campaigns in the future.

How to do this: If you are running a self-hosted WordPress site, download these quiz plugins to set up a quiz-based campaigns for your site.

Reveal-based content

Social Locker for WordPress  Get Free 7 days Trial

As mentioned, you need to push the creative envelope to get audiences more engage with your website.

A way of doing this is to innovate how they consume your content by delaying gratification. Instead of featuring your posts for free, create a barrier that prevents them from seeing the entire content. For them to see the post in its entirety, ask them to perform a particular action. Learn more about reveal-based marketing by clicking here.

How to do this: Social Locker offers you the feature to “gate” your content by asking visitors to share your content first on social media before they can read the entire thing. This is a great way to increase social proof to your posts, ebooks, or free resources.

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User interface

Find Where to Charge Your Phone - liGo 2015-03-12 07-11-52

Interactive content can help you inspire change on how you deliver information to your audience from your website. For Glasgow-based liGo Electronics, change was ushered through the Charge My Phone Map.

If your mobile device is about to run out of battery, Charge My Phone features an interactive map to help you locate the nearest charging stations. This visual form of interactive content is useful for not only for customers, but also for businesses.

“We hope that more businesses will add their location to the map if they are happy for people to charge their mobile devices there,” says liGo co-founder Daniel Stockhaus. “This could be a great way for small businesses to find new customers.”

How to do this: Revamping your website to create a more dynamic user interface can be costly. But hiring a person who can implement the latest design trends and create content using HTML5 and CSS3 can do wonders for your website.

Final thoughts: There are other types of interactive content you can use for your website such as interactive video marketing. The idea behind all these is to grab the attention of your audience so you can meet your online goals. Choose the best ones that fit your needs so you can maximize the benefits of interactive content. 

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