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Create the Perfect Email Signature With This Cheat Sheet

Create the Perfect Email Signature With This Cheat Sheet

create perfect email signature

Blogger outreach is an important element if you want to take your blog to the next level. As it often has been said, you cannot rely on publishing excellent content alone. You need to get the word out about what you have to say.

If you do not have a blogger outreach strategy, then take a look at this: The Art of Outreach: How to Build Relationships with Fellow Bloggers.

When reaching out to other bloggers, there is one thing that you cannot avoid: sending emails. Sure, there is always Twitter and other platforms, but more often than not, you go back to email.

And that is where an effective email signature comes in.

The importance of your email signature

The email signature is often overlooked by many bloggers. This is a pity because your email signature is practically the equivalent of a printed business card. It gives the recipient information about you – information that may entice them to pay attention.

It’s all about the impression your email makes!

Now, there are bloggers who have an email signature, but it often is not optimized.

What do I mean by optimized?

Here’s an example of an email signature:

Noemi Twigg

Okay, that works. It tells the reader who I am.

But it’s missing so much information that could bring more attention to my online presence!

Now take a look at this:

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Email signature 2

It tells the reader what I do and where they can find me online, but there is still much more to improve. It’s certainly not the perfect email signature – yet.

How does your email signature look?

Here is a great infographic that will guide you in creating the perfect email signature.

Create the perfect email signature

This infographic highlights simplicity, brevity, and consistency. Go through the graphic to find specific examples and get concrete ideas you can follow, expanding on my example above.

create email signature cheat sheet

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  • Thanks for sharing Noemi! Great tips! that definitely looks more professional and legit. However, don’t you think putting links in the message often marks it as spam?

  • Hi Emmerey,

    Links in email signatures are fine and most likely wont be triggered as spam. There are usually many links in email signatures, like facebook, twitter etc. Sometimes even a telephone link so you can directly click on them with your phone and it opens up in your dialler. Just wanted to share some examples here that I found useful when I was creating my last email signature that someone else might find useful:

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