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Rich Gorman’s Tips for Getting Results as a Blogger

Rich Gorman’s Tips for Getting Results as a Blogger


Blogging has become so huge and powerful that top marketer and direct response pioneer, Rich Gorman, believes it shouldn’t be ignored.

In fact, Rich Gorman has been blogging for years now and he credits a large part of his success as a marketer and business person to his blog.

So, what does Rich Gorman have to say about blogging?

Rich Gorman’s Top Tips for Achieving Success as a Blogger

Let’s face it, unless you’re blogging without a purpose, your ultimate aim as a blogger is to get results; how we all define “results” is different. For some people, this means more income and revenue boost for their business, while for some it’s a way to gain exposure and boost their brand image.

No matter the purpose of your blog, these tips from Rich Gorman will be immensely helpful towards helping you achieve the growth you desire:

1. Address a Major Problem Your Audience Can Relate to

Jacks of all trades are often masters of none.

It is very rare to see a blog that talks about everything become popular at, um, everything. Take a look at this blog, BlogHerald, for example; it is an authority when the subject of blogging is discussed, and as a result it is one of the top blogs you think about when blogging is concerned.

Another blogger that comes to mind in this regards is Seth Godin; the major need that his audience has that he addresses is marketing. He helps them get heard, he helps them get the audience they want, and he does this by challenging their thinking and helping them carefully analyze their approach. As a result, his blog is probably the most popular blog in the world that is run by a single person.

Whether you’re Seth Godin or a brand new blogger, Rich Gorman suggests not blogging unless you know clearly what your audience needs, and unless you build your blog to address these needs.

In other words be specific; look for one main topic and stick to it.

2. Build a Reputation

Reputation matters a lot, and while we don’t always directly think about how it matters, it influences the blogs we read to a great extent.

When we read Seth Godin’s blog, we do that mostly because his content makes us think; it is different from other marketing blogs that give “tips.” When we read, we read it because Darren Rowse has built the reputation of his blog over the years as the definitive blog for blogging. When we read Zac Johnson’s blog, we do that because Zac has spent over 13 years building his reputation as the foremost authority when it comes to affiliate marketing online.

Same thing applies to you. Start building a reputation for yourself online; Rich Gorman suggests thinking beyond just links and keywords. According to him, nothing can substitute for an author whose content readers really enjoy.

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If you haven’t thought that your reputation matter as a blogger, it does. So start building your reputation now.

3. Improve Your Design

Even though you ultimately want to be judged by your content and your reputation, at the early stages of your blog when you don’t have a reputation yet, readers will take a look at a host of factors to determine if your blog is worth their time. One of the factors they will look at is your design.

If your blog design isn’t appealing enough, readers will judge you by it.

Rich Gorman suggests making your blog design a part of your own brand; make it unique to you, so that when readers come across your design, or colors, anywhere, they instantly think of you.

Do You Agree with Rich Gorman?

Do you agree with Rich Gorman’s tips above? What other tips do you have for building a successful blog? Let us know in the comments.

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