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Tips for Blogging While on the Road

Tips for Blogging While on the Road

There used to be a time when blogging on the go was not an easy thing. First, there was the matter of lugging around laptops that were so heavy you’d have a backache in the middle of the day. Then, there was the problem of connectivity.
blogging while on the road
Lucky for us bloggers, these issues are practically non-existent today. You can blog using a tablet or smartphone. Even laptops are so light these days that you won’t even feel the additional weight in your bag. (Well, not really, but you know what I mean.) Of course, 3G/LTE makes connectivity a non-issue – provided that your carrier has decent service.

If you want to maximize your blogging while on the road for one reason or another, here are some tips that will help you do just that.

Get the right mobile device.

Blogging while on the road means you need a mobile device. What you end up with depends on your preferences and needs, of course, but there is no doubt that tablets and smartphones are the most convenient. I prefer the iPad and iPhone when blogging while on the road, but there are those who would swear by their netbook. Whatever you prefer, just make sure that you will be able to actually write blog posts, take photos (if this is part of your agenda), and connect to the Internet with ease.

Protect your device.

blogging while on the road
When it comes to durability, avoiding having to replace iPhone parts – or other phone brand replacement spare parts for that matter – you don’t have much choice in the matter. Manufacturers meet certain standards, and some phones are simply more durable than others.

Of course, the smart thing to do is to invest a little more in protective accessories such as covers, cases, and screen protectors.

Additionally, being aware of your surroundings always helps in deterring petty crime.

Use the mobile version of your blogging platform.

Once you have your device of choice in hand, you now have to make sure you have the right software. You can always use your mobile browser to log in to Blogger, WordPress, or whatever platform you use. However, it is a much better experience if you utilize the mobile app.

Keep it short.

This is not to say you can’t hammer out a 2,000-word post (or longer, even) on your smartphone. But if you have fat fingers, it might prove to be quite a task to write long form entries. If you know you’re going to be blogging while on the road, you might want to shorten your posts to make things easier for you – without necessarily having to sacrifice quality. A little creativity and planning can help with this.

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Use other apps to supplement actual blogging.

Aside from the mobile version of your blogging platform, there are many apps that can aide in mobile blogging. They can also be used in tandem with your normal blogging activities. For example Evernote is very popular among bloggers and other online professionals as it does a wonderful job of integrating notes and drafts. Look for tools that will make your mobile blogging more efficient, and create a workflow using them.

This article was written by Devendra Mishra, a freelance writer who specializes in tech and online content.

Images via Thomas Anderson, Griffin

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