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An Educators Guide To Pinterest [Infographic]

An Educators Guide To Pinterest [Infographic]

Pinterest for EducatorsPinterest grew by 4,377% from March 2011 through March 2012. The social networks growth is largely credited with its ability to engage users in a simple but effective way. The site has become so popular that the average user now spends 98 minutes per month simply browsing through Pinterest boards.

With engagement increasing and users discovering new recipes, tech tips and other information the teams at?WorldWideLearn?and?Quinstreet?have built a case study around how a virtual pinboard works for showcasing a student?s work to creating a sense of community through pictures.

The study includes information obtained from top-tier Universities who have used the social sharing platform to engage with students.?

From sharing information about sports teams to providing information about organizations and events, educators have found unique ways to showcase school-based activities.

Perhaps the best use of Pinterest on the education level is the encouragement teachers give students to showcase their own work on the social network, allowing for real world feedback.

Here is the full infographic:

Educators Guide To Pinterest


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