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Content Creation Versus Content Sharing

Content Creation Versus Content Sharing

We all know what content creation and content sharing mean, don’t we?

Is there a difference?

In the “regular” blogging setting, perhaps there isn’t much of a difference in that content sharing follows content creation. We look for blogging opportunities, or we work for existing clients.

We create blog content and then share that content via different social networks.

content creation versus content sharingSource

When it comes to companies that sell products or services, there may very well be a distinction, hence the idea “content creation versus content sharing”.

To be honest, I haven’t given this much thought, but upon going through this infographic by the guys at Rebuild Nation, I see the difference in this particular scenario (business).

The infographic makes a distinction between content creation and content sharing for businesses in this manner:

  1. Content creation is “me-centric”, posts that are focused on what your business offers – promos, discounts, etc.
  2. Content sharing is focused on providing information not directly about your company but news, articles, and other content that are from other sources.

The infographic also touches on Google’s updates and how it affects content in your website and blog, as well as how to harness the power of content sharing.

If you’re blogging for a business, or you’re managing the social media campaign of a company, this infographic will help.

Content Creation versus content Sharing

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