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The A to Z of Content Marketing: Habits Every Content Marketer Should Develop

The A to Z of Content Marketing: Habits Every Content Marketer Should Develop

If you ask me, content marketing should be hailed as the buzzword of the year (or the past few years). The popularity of the word – and activity – has been on the rise for a while now, and it seems it’s not going anywhere soon.

Content marketing is not limited to companies wanting to expand their customer base anymore. Individuals who make a living – or want to make a living – out of their blog(s) also lean on content marketing to reach their goals. Sometimes they outsource, often they learn the ins and outs themselves.

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As with any job, content marketing can be learned. You can learn skills and hone them to become more effective at what you do.

Whether you’re a budding content marketer or you’re a blogger wanting to do your own marketing efforts, here is a checklist that will teach you good habits of content marketers.

From making sure you know where to find people to follow in your niche to building an email list to joining specific communities to keyword research, this infographic gives you bite-size pieces advice, which you can easily refer to as you go about your content marketing efforts.

good content marketing habits

Your turn

What has been your experience with content marketing? Has it been effective for your blog’s growth, or do you think it’s not necessary? Share your thoughts with us.

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  • Absolutely loved your article! As a startup with barely any knowledge about marketing, this was quite an opener and will definitely help me in developing marketing strategies.

    Thanks again Noemi!

    OOTB Tutoring

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