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The Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

The Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

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Facebook may have 1.7 million users, Twitter 313 million, and LinkedIn “only” 106 million, but any self-respecting blogger or content marketer knows that the last network cannot be ignored. That is, if you want to build a professional brand that will help cement your credibility in your chosen field.

The general consensus is that LinkedIn is the professional’s social network, something which anyone can surmise with a perfunctory look at the platform.

It is thus a pity when new bloggers – or some experienced ones – fail to take advantage of LinkedIn. Sure, they have an account. They fill out their profile. And then they leave it at that. Perhaps they check in once a month or so – when they get a connection request or when someone endorses them.

If this is you, then you are missing out on the benefits that LinkedIn can bring you and your blog.

Not sure how about these benefits? Here are several which should be enough to convince you.

  • LinkedIn Publishing: you publish posts on the platform which become part of your profile. These posts get eyeballs from those that matter – people in your niche. Yyou build your authority on your chosen subject, attract traffic to your blog, and get the attention of potential clients.
  • Google SERPs: search for your name. Your LinkedIn profile will likely be on the front page. Mine is actually the number one result. No need to imagine the exposure for your brand.
  • Learning: many knowledgeable individuals publish excellent posts on LinkedIn. You’ll be doing yourself a favor by reading them and adding to your knowledge base.
  • Networking: it’s not called a social network for nothing. The important thing is that the connections you make can further your career.

Now, the critical facet of LinkedIn is your profile. Just like on any platform, your LinkedIn profile is your face. It’s what people see and use to decide whether you’re worth their time or not. As such, it is essential that you create a profile that will grab someone’s attention, keep them reading, and impress them enough to take positive action (i.e., connect with you, visit your blog, hire you, etc.).

Have you checked your profile lately? There’s no better time than now to do so and make changes for the better. To make it easier for you and make the most of the platform, here is an infographic which serves as the ultimate LinkedIn cheat sheet. A one-glance reference material as you give your profile.

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Make sure you use the right images, URL, and provide the essential information about yourself and present it in the most effective way – let this infographic guide you in doing that.

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