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Prepping for robust tourist season in Eastern North Carolina

Prepping for robust tourist season in Eastern North Carolina

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Robust Tourist Season

Eastern North Carolina towns, particularly New Bern, are gearing up for an active tourist season filled with a variety of events and fresh ventures. These coastal towns are brimming with attractions such as open-air markets, music festivals, and art exhibits, ready to welcome tourists. New Bern, specifically, boasts of its picturesque charm and a downtown area filled with new shops and restaurants.

The local authorities are enhancing infrastructure and public services to manage the wave of tourists. Visit New Bern reported that Craven County hosted 6 million visitors last year, funneling $170 million into the local economy and supporting approximately 1,200 jobs. To continue this positive trend, Visit New Bern is eyeing innovative marketing strategies, highlighting the region’s unique culture and history.

The Executive Director of Visit New Bern, Melissa Riggle, notes a consistent increase in tourism from the onset of the pandemic, with the metrics significantly exceeding pre-pandemic standards.

Preparing for lively tourist season in New Bern

The attractiveness of New Bern, teeming with local events, concerts, outdoor activities, innovative businesses, and an engaging history, is poised to deliver a memorable experience to tourists.

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Tourists Theresa and Paul Wolf shared their delightful experience in downtown New Bern, with the birthplace of Pepsi and the many beautiful churches standing out as highlights. The Triyon Palace, famed for its grandeur and history, and the range of food options and shops also caught their interest. They appreciated the warm hospitality of the locals, making their vacation all the more enjoyable.

Despite uncertainties in predicting an accurate turnout for this year’s tourist season, Visit New Bern remains dedicated to ensuring a successful season in alignment with locals and visitors. Riggle emphasizes their focus on not just attracting tourists through promotional techniques, but also instilling a positive attitude toward tourism within the local populace. Their goal is to harmonize the interactions between residents and tourists, boosting New Bern’s appeal as a favored destination, and sparking a robust tourist season.

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