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Need To Make Your WordPress Blog iPad Friendly? There’s A Plugin For That!

Need To Make Your WordPress Blog iPad Friendly? There’s A Plugin For That!

Despite the fact that millions of iPads have been sold to consumers, very few bloggers have tailored their sites to that niche group (aside from making their blogs HTML5 friendly).

While the iPad’s large screen may make an iPad friendly layout unnecessary for most users, blogging pros may want to exercise more control over the appearance of their site without going bankrupt hiring a theme developer.

Fortunately for WordPress fans, there is now a plugin by Jason Baptiste that makes your blog iPad friendly without having you touch a single line of code.

PadPressed is a WordPress plug-in built to deliver the best browsing experience for your readers on an iPad. When a reader visits your blog from their iPad it is automatically formatted to be tablet ready with swipe to advance gestures, accelerometer aware column formatting, touch navigation, and more. PadPressed makes your blog function like a native iPad app. (PadPressed)

Unlike many of the free mobile plugins bloggers use to make their sites viewable upon various smartphones, PadPressed is a premium app that will set back publishers $50 (a price some bloggers may balk at).

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Despite the cost, PadPressed looks impressive overall, although it will be interesting to see if other mobile plugin developers follow the lead of PadPressed by releasing similar plugins.

(via TechCrunch)

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