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How to Print Double Sided Canva Business Cards

How to Print Double Sided Canva Business Cards

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If you do not already have a Canva account, creating one has many benefits. For starters, it is free! Whether you need business cards, a social media post, flyers, brochures, or a number of other things you will be able to design it easily using Canva. For this blog, we will focus on how to design and print a double-sided Canva business card.

Printing a double-sided business card is a tedious job, but when done correctly it can be very rewarding for your goal of extending your name and brand to your always-expanding network.

Step By Step

1. Create your Canva Account or open your account if you have already signed up.

Having a Canva account is a great way to always have options for designing anything from professional flyers to personal documents and social media posts. No matter what you are doing in life or what your profession is, a Canva account is a great addition to your personal toolbox.

2. Select Business Card

On Canva, there is a business card option. If you do not already have a free Canva account, create one and then select “Create a Design”. Once you’ve done that, select “business card” from the options and begin designing your personalized card.

3. Create From Scratch or Use a Pre-made Template

Canva offers a wide array of premade templates for designing business cards. If you have your own design you can start from scratch as well and customize from the ground up. No matter how you choose to design each side of your Canva business card, you will easily be able to combine both sides into one card.

4. Layout and Printing

To make those designs double-sided, you must select “Apply Both Pages” to edit and continue designing on both sides of your creation. When you click into the layout tab in the design after finishing, you will be able to “Double Sided” to ensure you print both sides of the business card, rather than having the two separate sides printed on two separate cards. Ensuring that your business card layout is correct for the measurements and material of your business card will make it so your design lines up evenly on both sides. Download and print your cards on cardstock for best results. Then, proceed to cut them out with a heavy-duty paper cutter or an old-fashioned pair of scissors.

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          a. Paid Prints by Canva

A second printing option would be using Canva itself as your printer rather than downloading. Once you have completed your design, to combine those designs into a double-sided card, you must select each page on either the “Front” or the “Back” of the print options. When you click into the “Print Business Cards” tab in the top right of the screen, you will see the “Front” and “Back” options, along with all pages you created to choose from. At this point, you can decide how many business cards to purchase starting at $14 for 50 cards.

5. Be Proud

It is important to feel the sense of accomplishment that you deserve after creating a new article for your brand, business, or personal goals. A double-sided business card can open doors for you in infinite ways. That starts with a willingness to design a small 3.5”x2” card to support yourself. Whether you used your own printer and scissor combo to create the perfect business card, or through purchasing prints through Canva, you have much to be proud of through the design process.


The design aspect of content creation and blogging can feel a bit overwhelming. But when you have the best tools to succeed, you are able to see yourself shine much brighter! These steps have given you an avenue to success with creating double-sided business cards on Canva. Now is the time to put it into action.

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