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Emerging Social Media Tools for Bloggers 2017

Emerging Social Media Tools for Bloggers 2017

Social media has become one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of bloggers who want to maximize their online exposure, and to make sure that their content reaches as many people as possible. The great thing about efficient social media usage is that it is an amazing way to spread your latest news, updates and offers to both regular visitors and people who have not heard of your blog ever before. While this may sound very attractive, every aspiring blogger should keep in mind that it may take months of trying out different campaigns and methods in order to come up with an efficient and affordable way to keep your blog on top of multiple social media networks.

Naturally, bloggers are not expected to do everything on their own, and this is why they have access to hundreds of free & paid social media tools or they hire services of a social media company that can help them analyze their results, and make the necessary modifications to their social media strategy. We’ve taken our time to help you jump start your 2017 social media campaigns by compiling a neat collection of the best emerging social media tools for bloggers 2017.


Gifs is a free tool that allows users to browse thousands of user-made gifs and share them on various social media networks with the click of a single button. In addition to this, Gifs is great for creating animated gifs, and bloggers will certainly fall in love with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. Overall, Gifs is the simple utility you need to make small gifs that will help you promote your content.

Adobe Spark

Many of Adobe’s tools focus on image editing, and Adobe Spark isn’t any different. However, what’s unique about it is that it focuses on the social media aspect of art creation by providing users with an easy-to-use interface that can help them craft images, short videos, and GIFs for their social media profiles. The Adobe Spark software is supported by a fairly large community, so users can take advantage of thousands of free or paid templates and graphic elements that can be implemented in their projects. While many other applications can do this, Adobe Spark is certainly one of the most reputable ones, and it offers another great benefit – all this comes free of charge.


Rocketium is a bit familiar to Adobe Spark, but it only allows users to create fancy videos that can be uploaded to various social media networks. The videos can be based on pre-made templates, or users can create their projects that can be modified according to their needs. The easy-to-use interface and social media integration are undoubtedly the things that make Rocketium the preferred choice when looking for utilities and services that allow you to create videos.

Rocketium has a free-forever plan for everyone to create HD videos. The premium and ultimate plans are for users who want to use some of the advanced features and put their own branding in the videos. The plans start at $40.

Ghost Browser

Managing multiple social media accounts can be a bit of a chore since it requires you to constantly log in and logout of different profiles. This mildly annoying hassle can be avoided by installing and using Ghost Browser, a simple utility that allows you to login to multiple social media accounts on the same platform from one single browser window. Ghost Browser is free, and it is based on the Chromium project, so almost all Chrome extensions should be compatible with it.

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If you are selling any sorts of products or services, then Yotpo is certainly a tool that you would want to consider adding to your toolbox. The power of Yotpo comes from its neat integration which helps you communicate with your clients by offering them to review products and services, ask questions regarding their purchases, as well as prompt them to share their thoughts on the shopping experience you offered. One of Yotpo’s biggest benefits is that it does not target a particular social media network and, instead, gathers your clients into a small social circle that allows them to swiftly share information between them, as well as with their other friends via social media. Yotpo’s subscription plans are very flexible, and every suer receives a personalized offer based on their needs and requirements. A free demo is available.


Refind is not exactly a tool since it appears to act just like a social media network on it’s own. The great thing about Refind is that it is absolutely free, and it is quickly gaining popularity, so now is definitely the right moment to get involved. At this stage, Refind is meant to be a community that gathers like-minded people interested in various topics and allows them to share articles, websites, and other content that their peers might be interested into.


Intellifluence offers a product reviewing service that can help you get your product and service exposure on a whole another level. The service is very well crafted, and reviews are just the tip of the iceberg. Apart from getting multiple reviews from independent people, Intellifluence also offers its clients the opportunity to choose the best reviewers (or influencers) that can provide the best information about their brand’s product or service. Intellifluence may not be the cheapest service out there because the subscription fees start at $20/month, but it certainly offers one of the most intriguing options when it comes to building your brand’s reputation and exposure via reviews.

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  • These powerful tools should definitely be in the arsenal of every professional blogger and social media specialist. Intellifluence is pretty expensive but its features are priceless. Remember that social media success depends on quality of content you share, hence, it’s important to use high quality writing and editing tools. Ginger, Unplag plagiarism checker and Zen Pen are in my personal top list. Have you tried these services? Would be interesting to hear your opinion on them.

  • I really like Ghost Browser. I was using Opera browser and its different VPN Ips to login to different social media accounts but way too much. I was looking for a simple solution and thanks to your article, now I have got one.

  • I came across several social media tools over the past couple of years for marketing contents and selling products. But never heard about ghost browser. As per the mentioned features, it will be very useful for those who is having multiple accounts in one network. Definitely I will make a try.

    Thank you very much for the suggestions.

    Take care,

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