Watch Out Tweetdeck! Seesmic For iPhone Is Here


Seesmic has (finally) launched their official iPhone app, which allows users to send status updates to Twitter, Google Buzz, WordPress, Facebook, Blogger and about 45 other social networks and blog platforms (thanks to

The app is not meant as a replacement of the official Twitter, Facebook or WordPress apps (as one can tell by its basic functionality), the Seesmic iPhone app is geared towards socialholics who want to update numerous sites simultaneously.

While Seesmic does borrow the “columns feature” from Tweetdeck, changing accounts is not as smooth as the latter (as Seesmic required two fingers swiping together, while Tweetdeck only requires one). [Read more…]

Social Media Privacy Scandal Revealed. Advertisers Know More Than They Should

Facebook Login Page

Facebook Login PageFacebook, MySpace and various other social platforms are now under fire after it was revealed that they have been sending user information to advertisers, specifically user profile information when their sites visitors have been logged in and then clicked on an advertiser link.

According to the Wall Street Journal that user information was sent despite assurances from many major social networks that they would not send that type of identifiable data without their users consent.

Usernames and ID numbers can be easily used to obtain personal information (various demographics) about users. Among some of the largest groups to receive this information have been Google and their DoubleClick platform and Yahoo Right Media. Both Google and Yahoo however are claiming that they were not aware they were receiving the extra user information.

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Good News: Political Blogs May Be Regulated By The FEC


It look like American bloggers could face a new threat that may make people think twice before criticizing their political leaders online.

Apparently the US government thinks bloggers are becoming a public hazard, and like a few other industries (i.e. airplanes, banks and nuclear power plants) need to be regulated by the government (in this case the Federal Election Commission).

The Obama administration has announced plans to regulate the Internet through the Federal Communications Commission, extending its authority over broadband providers to police web traffic, enforcing “net neutrality.”

Last week, a congressional hearing exposed an effort to give another agency—the Federal Election Commission—unprecedented power to regulate political speech online. At a House Administration Committee hearing last Tuesday, Patton Boggs attorney William McGinley explained that the sloppy statutory language in the “DISCLOSE Act” would extend the FEC’s control over broadcast communications to all “covered communications,” including the blogosphere. (

This law would probably extend to Twitter as well, not to mention Facebook too (the latter who is embroiled in another censorship case via Pakistan). [Read more…]

TweetDeck Gives Google Buzz And Foursquare Love With Newest Update


TweetDeck is one of the most popular cross-platform social apps available and now the platform has become even more appealing and far-reaching, adding support for Google Buzz and Foursquare.

The newest version (v 0.34) also brings the ability to use any Twitter-compatible APIs, with further access to Tumblr, WordPress and StatusNet. Users can also use filters that include global filters and scheduled posts.

The announcement comes just hours before the company is expected to announce a new round of Series B funding.

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Twitter For iPhone Screenshots: Retweets And Twitter Ads And Suggested Users (Oh My!)


After seeing Tweetie 2 (which Twitter purchased in April) disappear from the app store, the official Twitter app is now live upon iTunes as of this moment, although unfortunately only for those living in New Zealand.

Ethan Rose was able to provide screen shots for those of us who (foolishly) waited past midnight in vain, which reveals several new features, as well as one ugly icon (that will probably become an eye sore for iPhone lovers everywhere).

Thus far it seems as if push notifications and filters were not included with the latest update, although there are a few new changes that may please (or tick off) the tweeting masses. [Read more…]

Pakistani Court Bans Facebook Over “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!”



A Facebook group known as “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!” has caused the worlds largest social network to temporarily lose nearly 45 million customers in the Pakistan region.

According to TechCrunch, a Pakistani court made their ruling to temporarily block the social networking site after it was determined Facebook did nothing to discourage the Mohammed caricature day. According to Islamic law, depicting any prophet, even in a positive light is strictly prohibited.

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Myspace. The New Facebook Alternative? Site Implements Privacy Changes



There has been a lot of talk lately about a much needed alternative to Facebook. In fact the idea of creating a new system has become so popular that one group of students formed a group known as Diaspora which has already managed to raise over $150,000 to build the alternative. However, there is already an alternative, it’s called MySpace and sure it looks like a site from 2005, but they are once again trying to lure in Facebook visitors by attaching themselves to what visitors care most about, secure privacy settings that are simple to use. [Read more…]

Twitter For iPhone Coming Soon? (As In The Next 24 Hours) UPDATE: Twitter For iPhone Is Live (Sort Of)


Update: Twitter for iPhone is officially live! See below for updates!

It looks as if the boys and girls at Twitter have mysteriously pulled Tweetie 2 from the app store after buying Tweetie in April.

Clicking upon the iTunes link brings up the infamous “Your request could not be completed” error message, and a general search for Tweetie on the iPhone yields no relevant results (although it does bring up a few of Tweetie’s rivals).

However a search for Twitter on the iPhone does reveal an interesting revelation, mainly that the micro blogging company has already declared its presence upon Steve Job’s backyard, although they have yet to unveil an official app within the store.

As expected, Twitter is all a buzz about the immanent launch, although their is no official word from Twitter (via tweets or blog posts) or even a sighting on any of the international stores yet (at least as of this post).

It will be interesting to see how developers react to an official app in their backyard, although despite the odds a few developers are confident that they will survive the onslaught (as many of them have a few tricks left and have no intention of giving up). [Read more…]

WordPress To Media Bloggers: Is 100 GB Of Space Enough For You?

Over the weekend WordPress announced a space upgrade that will make media bloggers smile!

Automattic is now allowing WP fans to upload up to 100 GB of images, video (if one has VideoPress) and audio files, the latter type which should appeal to musicians as well as podcasters.

Based on feedback we received from our users, we decided to add two new space upgrade options: 50GB and 100GB.

To access either of these upgrade levels, go to your blog’s dashboard and click on Upgrades. Select the space upgrade that you want to purchase. It’s super simple. Price information is included on this page, too.

After your purchase is complete, go to your Media Library. You will see that the upload space remaining for your blog has been increased. Enjoy! (Official WordPress Blog)

WordPress fans in need of the extra space will have to pay about $160 USD or $290 USD for 50 GB or 100 GB of extra space, respectively.

While the price may seem extremely expensive when when compared to rivals like Blogger (who charges $100 USD for 400 GB of space and $256 USD for 1,048 GB), WordPress is allowing users to upload audio files (a feature many blog platforms avoid in order to prevent a confrontation with the RIAA).