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August 18, 2009

What Is The Actual Cost of Your Blogging?

If you believe blogging is free, then you’re probably living in a dream world. Unless you’re a total freeloader who still gets a weekly allowance from his parents, then one way or another you’re paying for your blogging activities. Sure, and are free tools. And even if you pay for your own hosting, software like WordPress, plugins, and other tools are free, right?

Not necessarily. Blogging does have its costs. And these can sometimes be attributed to you, while it can sometimes be carried by someone else. Offhand, one could think of several costs that you can directly attribute to blogging. For instance, here are a few costs that I think I’ve been incurring through the years. read more

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August 3, 2009

Younger generation value Twitter in business, survey finds

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twitter-logo.jpgWhile we already know that Twitter can be a killer business tool when used effectively, it’s always good to have a survey to back it up.

The latest research comes from AIIM, which in a survey of nearly 800 people found that over one quarter of 18-30 year-olds thought that Twitter was an important rapid feedback tool for business use. By comparison, just seven per cent of over-45s thought so. read more

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July 27, 2009

Twitter is fastest way to get UK broadband support

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virgin-on-twitterBritish broadband providers are just one set of users harnessing the immediacy of Twitter to communicate real-time service information and handle customer support queries, according to the Top 10 Broadband web site.

While telephone customer service experiences often leave a lot to be desired, companies that have embraced Twitter conversations are finding themselves more able to deal with issues quickly as they arrive.

The other benefit is that consumers switched on to Twitter may well think to check the official status pages first rather than phoning a dedicated support desk. read more

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June 24, 2009

UK retailer Habitat spams Twitter hashtags, apologises

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Well-known high street furniture store Habitat has issued an apology (via its PR company, via a social media blog) for its misuse of popular hashtags on Twitter over the past few days.

Among fair game for whoever was posting on behalf of @TwitterUK were the hashtags #Iran, #iPhone and #Apple – all completely unrelated to any marketing efforts the retail chain was pushing on the service.

The tweets, which unsurprisingly caused quite a backlash from users, have since been removed. read more

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Is Bad for WordPress?

The discussion around the Chris Anderson goof episode raises an interesting issue.

Is bad for the WordPress brand? read more

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June 3, 2009

Free 7 Day Course on Business Blogging

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Do you want to know how to set up, plan, write and promote a business blog, plus create an audience that loves you, with content that keeps people coming back for more?

Well you are in luck! I have written an information-packed 7 day blogging course for my friends at Simplweb, the Joomla turnkey site people, and best of all it is free. read more

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April 24, 2009

Does Social Media Work?

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Social Media is gaining popular attention. It might be because of Ashton and Oprah, it could be because of the economy, but more and more companies and non-profits are enquiring about the subject. The same question comes up in each discussion …

“Does social media work?”

read more

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April 6, 2009

Just 2% of British businesses using Twitter, 6% blogging, web stats show

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Micro-blogging service Twitter may be the latest rage with celebrities and their followers but it has yet to catch on as a marketing tool for British businesses.

According to the latest web analysis from WebTrends, just two per cent (one in fifty) businesses in the UK are using Twitter for marketing, while six per cent are blogging or podcasting.

Only the likes of direct email marketing, detailed web analytics, traditional online advertising and search optimisation really made the grade, with at least one-third of companies using always or often. read more

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March 16, 2009

Financial advisors not on Twitter “will miss out on business leads”

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The financial services industry is just one that’s seeing the current and future benefits of Twitter, with the founder of the UK’s IFA Life networking web site warning that financial advisors who don’t use Twitter will miss out on business leads.

The site has just launched a directory of advisors who are already using Twitter to make it easier for consumers to find independent financial advisors online. read more

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March 13, 2009

Is Jason Calacanis Forcing A Business Model On Twitter?

Jason Calacanis tweeted an offer to get on the Suggested list that Twitter now displays as a part of the registration process.

@davewiner It’s actually a standing offer to Twitter. $120k for one of the twenty slots. In fact, I’ll pay $250k for two years in advance.

TechCrunch confirmed it with, and got this from Calacanis:

I believe that in five years the top 20 recommend slots will be worth $1m a year each–super bowl commercial level in fact.

. . . this is 100% dead serious. I’m thinking of sending the check today anyway…. if it sits on their desk they might just cash it.

I think this will happen, as I’ve written previously. Calacanis might just speed it up with this little stunt.

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