Work Smarter Not Harder. An Infographic For The Workplace

Water Cooler Business Chat

Water Cooler Business ChatA recent study has found that one in three workers are completely or partially dissatisfied with on-the-job stress, in many cases those workers are likely suffering because they work extremely long hours when they should be working smarter and not working harder.

The team at  Best Masters Degrees has put together a clever infographic that highlights some simple tricks we can all use to work smarter while avoiding excessive hours an unneeded headaches.

For example the infographic suggests that 20 minutes of hard work followed by a short jaunt to the water cooler, restroom or another location can keep you focused and working faster than long periods isolated at your desk.

The infographic also suggests waiting five minutes before responding to an email so your brain can develop a thought out answer that can be sent quickly without the need to rewrite parts of the email after you compose it.  [Read more…]

Pinterest Continues To Gain Popularity Around The World [Infographic]


pinterest logoPinterest is still operating as a “private beta” social media network but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming the 16th most popular website in the United States. In fact half of all Pinterest traffic currently comes from US visitors.

While the site definitely gained its momentum in the United States the infographic shown below by Color Jam demonstrates how far the company has come in a relatively short period of time.

Pinterest now includes more than 12 million actives users and receives 16.23 million unique visitors in February, 2012.

As you’ll notice on the Infographic map each country shows three numbers, correlating to the popularity of Pinterest versus other social networks in each country. For each percentage we are given the average number of users and pae views each country offers to Pinterest on a daily basis.   [Read more…]

Visualisation Of SOPA: An Infographic


Now that the dust has settled from the SOPA outrage back in January we can look back at how the US Senate attempted to push through an act that would have changed the way the we use the internet and would have most likely put many sites and services (many of which are free) that we use on a day to day basis out of business almost immediately. Many things have been said about SOPA already but the real story that stands out over what happened in the days and weeks running up to and after January 18th is that it brought together websites, businesses and individuals in an unprecedented level of online activism and protest that has never been seen before. The following infographic design looks at what SOPA and PIPA consisted of and the protests that followed.

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Twitter 2012 [Infographic]

The Current State of Twitter

465 million. That’s the staggering number of Twitter accounts there are in the world, according to the latest infographic design from Infographic Labs. The infographic takes a look at the current state of things at Twitter, which we can all agree has virtually revolutionized “microblogging”.

Other interesting facts that caught our eye: that celebrity statuses only receive 21% of retweets (“interesting content” leads with 92%), and that there are 11 Twitter accounts created every second. [Read more…]

Holiday Travel Revealed Through Foursquare Checkins [Infographic]

Foursquare Note

Foursquare NoteHoliday travel is almost as much of a tradition in the United States as the holiday’s themselves. Wanting to examine holiday travel trends from last years travel Foursquare created an infographic that shows how people traveled from Halloween until just after Christmas 2010.

In the graphic planes, trains and automobiles (Steve Martin would be happy) were plotted out to show how people traveled and from which destinations they traveled.

To compile their data Foursquare examined the two airports each traveler checked into (departing and arriving airports) and they did the same for train stations. To determine automobile traffic they then used checkins on major highways and roads to show how heavily trafficked major interstates have become during the holiday travel season.

You’ll also notice that the team at Foursquare plotted out a timeline which shows the peaks that occur during Thanksgiving and Christmas and on a smaller level during New Years Eve.

One thing missing is the number of checkins for each activity which would have been nice to examine in order to better understand what modes of transportation are chosen by the most people during holiday travel.

Here’s the Foursquare travel infographic:

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Here Comes Instagram: Infographic


The Rise In Popularity Of Instagram

With the increasing popularity of social media communication, here comes another application that’s been creating a huge buzz around the internet for a while now: the image uploading app. Instagram. Instagram is so popular that it has gained more than 4.5 million users in less than a year. Like Twitter, members can follow your posts but instead of words, you get to post photos and then your follower can “like” your photos and leave you comments, for whatever reason, many people are fascinated by this. But what’s even more amazing about Instagram is that even professional fashion photographers and Hollywood celebrities are getting hooked by its immense popularity. It has even caught the attention of the number one social media site: FaceBook.

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The Social Media High School Yearbook

Social Media Class of 2011 Yearbook

Although the profession “Social Media Expert” too often sighted is on CVs already, the kids of today have grown up and are ready to graduate as “Social Media Experts”. Although many will argue that Bulletin Boards and platforms such as the Usenet were a form of social media already, it is rather simple to accept that they aren’t representative of Social Media in our day and age.
The students now in high school are the first generation to have grown up with social media omni-present and will soon graduate, and be employed by companies who have social media policies and guidelines. Policies which will restrict freedom to share online. Before being hired job candidates might already be screened and their social media profile might be profiled for your online activity over the last seven years.

Social Media doesn’t have to be as negative or fearful all the time though and the crew at Flowtown have created a great and funny infographic about the social media landscape in 2011. If you were in high school right now, would you be the Digg boy, or the band geek? Or the Jock? [Read more…]

Twitter Infographic: Zero To 200 Million Users In Five Years

Twitter Birds

Twitter BirdsOn March 21, 2006 a tiny little micro-blogging service was born out of 140 characters when founder Jack Dorsey tweeted “inviting coworkers” becoming the first “human” to send a message, four months later the service was launched to the public and since that time more than 200 million Twitterers have joined the site.

With 200 million users of course comes a bunch of insanely large milestones, for example the infographic below showcases the fact that 350 billion tweets are posted to the site daily. If it’s still true that 3% of all Twitter mentions come from Justin Bieber that would mean the singer heartthrob is receiving approximately 10 billion 500 million mentions every single day, even if that number has decreased to 1 or 2% it would still be an incredible number of mentions for one teenager.

Pay close attention to the meteoric rise in site numbers which reached two million in January 2009, 65 million by July 2010 and then 200 million today, nearly a 150% increase in a one year time period.

Here’s the Infographic: [Read more…]

Social Media Valuations Could Be Sign Of Another Tech Bubble Burst [Infographic]

Social Media Valuations

Bubble Burst InfographicFacebook currently rakes in $2 billion per year which has created a secondary market valuation of $75 billion for the social network or the equivalent of 37.5 years worth of revenue. Facebook however has an advantage over other social media company’s, they are everywhere from major websites to local stores where you can buy Facebook Credits.

So what about other social media companies?  For example, LinkedIn was recently valued at $9 billion, despite earnings of just $200 million per year and an advertising structure that looks less than desirable? Or Twitter who’s own advertising efforts have left the company with just $150 million in revenue per year, yet an evaluation of $7.7 billion at a time when many of their “sponsored Tweets” attempts have shown lower than expected/desired Click Through Rates (CTR’s).

We can also look at Groupon which is valued at nearly $25 billion with yearly earnings of $760 million to see that the valuation of company’s are out of proportion to their values.

Social media site G+, which is made up of sector professionals and academics has posted the following Infographic about social media valuations. They don’t draw conclusions via the Infographic but it’s a real eye opener when you place these online company’s against brick and mortar organizations who have released their own IPO’s.

Here’s the Infographic: [Read more…]