Twitter Vs Twitter (On Android, Blackberry And iPhone)


Now that Twitter has launched official apps upon Blackberry, Android and the mighty iPhone, fanboys (and girls) of the respective smartphones may wonder what the twitterverse looks like from another device.

Unfortunately depending on where your geek loyalties lie, your experience using each official app will vary as it appears that not all Twitter apps are created equal (a fact that might cause some to accuse Twitter of showing iFavoritism). [Read more…]

BlogBooster To WordPress Fans: Don’t You Wish Your iPhone App Was Hot Like Me?


WordPress fans take note: it looks like we now have an iPhone app that may remove the pain from blogging upon our iDevices without resorting to “the way of the geek.”

BlogBooster has released an iPhone app that allows you to not only insert multiple images, but also includes a formatting bar allowing you to italicize, embolden, underline as well as strike through text without having to manually type in the coding. You can also manually insert hyperlinks as well (another plus!).

Although the app seems geared towards WP fans, BlogBooster also supports Blogger, Typepad and Tumblr, with more platforms on the way (not to mention an upcoming iPad app!).

Priced at $4.99 USD, some may wonder if the app is worth it, especially when their are less expensive rivals like BlogPress (not to mention free official alternatives for WordPress, Typepad and Tumblr).

So before you hit the buy button, here is an in depth review highlighting the good, the bad and the awesome regarding this new blogging app. [Read more…]

Watch Out Tweetdeck! Seesmic For iPhone Is Here


Seesmic has (finally) launched their official iPhone app, which allows users to send status updates to Twitter, Google Buzz, WordPress, Facebook, Blogger and about 45 other social networks and blog platforms (thanks to

The app is not meant as a replacement of the official Twitter, Facebook or WordPress apps (as one can tell by its basic functionality), the Seesmic iPhone app is geared towards socialholics who want to update numerous sites simultaneously.

While Seesmic does borrow the “columns feature” from Tweetdeck, changing accounts is not as smooth as the latter (as Seesmic required two fingers swiping together, while Tweetdeck only requires one). [Read more…]

Twitter For iPhone Screenshots: Retweets And Twitter Ads And Suggested Users (Oh My!)


After seeing Tweetie 2 (which Twitter purchased in April) disappear from the app store, the official Twitter app is now live upon iTunes as of this moment, although unfortunately only for those living in New Zealand.

Ethan Rose was able to provide screen shots for those of us who (foolishly) waited past midnight in vain, which reveals several new features, as well as one ugly icon (that will probably become an eye sore for iPhone lovers everywhere).

Thus far it seems as if push notifications and filters were not included with the latest update, although there are a few new changes that may please (or tick off) the tweeting masses. [Read more…]

Twitter For iPhone Coming Soon? (As In The Next 24 Hours) UPDATE: Twitter For iPhone Is Live (Sort Of)


Update: Twitter for iPhone is officially live! See below for updates!

It looks as if the boys and girls at Twitter have mysteriously pulled Tweetie 2 from the app store after buying Tweetie in April.

Clicking upon the iTunes link brings up the infamous “Your request could not be completed” error message, and a general search for Tweetie on the iPhone yields no relevant results (although it does bring up a few of Tweetie’s rivals).

However a search for Twitter on the iPhone does reveal an interesting revelation, mainly that the micro blogging company has already declared its presence upon Steve Job’s backyard, although they have yet to unveil an official app within the store.

As expected, Twitter is all a buzz about the immanent launch, although their is no official word from Twitter (via tweets or blog posts) or even a sighting on any of the international stores yet (at least as of this post).

It will be interesting to see how developers react to an official app in their backyard, although despite the odds a few developers are confident that they will survive the onslaught (as many of them have a few tricks left and have no intention of giving up). [Read more…]

Automattic Love: WordPress Creates Plugin For Geolocation Guru’s On The Go

The boys and girls at WordPress have released a plugin for self hosted WP fans (aka that allows them to broadcast to the world the exact location of where they are blogging from (via mobile).

We’re very happy to announce that the Geolocation plugin is now available for self-hosted WordPress sites, and can be downloaded at the plugin directory or through your WordPress dashboard[.] […]

The plugin adds a subtle but powerful addition to posts you’ve geotagged using WordPress for iPhone:  a link appears inside your post with a short description of the location where the post was tagged.  When your users hover over the link, an interactive map appears allowing them to view the location as a pin on the map. (WordPress For iPhone Blog)

The geolocation plugin (which can be downloaded over here) should please WordPress iPhone lovers (as well as iPad bloggers) who have been seeking a way to post their location on their self hosted WordPress blog without having to resort to a third party app like BlogPress.

WordPress fans who blog from their Blackberry or Android device can also use the geolocation plugin, although there is no word on whether this is also available to Nokia fans as well.

“Geoblogging” is slowly becoming a popular trend within the blogosphere (at least upon travel blogs and a few technology sites), although time will only tell whether it becomes a mainstream affair (like FourSquare and Gowalla).

The End Is Near: 4 Twitter For iPhone Features That May Cause Tweet Extinction


Whether you love them or hate them, Twitter’s recent moves to acquire Tweetie will probably force many twitter developers to either exit the twitterverse or reduce the price of their apps to zero.

While a few tweet apps may survive tweetageddon, most will simply fade away into obscurity–unless they can match or exceed features launching upon the official Twitter app (formally known as Tweetie).

Although Twitter has yet to reveal their iPlans to the world, here are 4 possible features that may debut on the upcoming Twitter app (which may make a few developers nervous). [Read more…]

HootSuite Laughs At Tweetageddon, Adds Facebook And Translation Support


After briefly disappearing from the iPhone app store, HootSuite has re-emerged with a meaner, leaner iPhone app that may help them survive tweetageddon when Twitter relaunches Tweetie as their official app.

No matter where you’re headed, this Owl will help you stay in touch and informed with instant translation to 50+ languages, geo-location to pinpoint yourself on the globe, and Facebook Profiles and Pages added to the mix — plus a few surprises in the suitcase. (Official HootSuite Blog)

While I’m personally not too crazy about the geo-location feature (as I believe it’s an asset for muggers), the Facebook integration is one of the best that I have seen for a multi-social app, as it allows you to not only view your news feed, but also like items upon your friends status updates. [Read more…]

Tweetie Surprises Users With “Easter Egg” (Announces Bad News For Developers)


Despite the insignificant update Tweetie released upon the app store, the latest version of the app includes a humerus slot machine that appears whenever users try to refresh their timeline.

Although the Easter Egg (as geeks call them) is cute overall, Tweetie did alert their fans that the app will be renaming itself “Twitter for iPhone” soon (something Twitter itself hinted at after they bought out Tweetie for an undisclosed sum).

The name switch is suppose to happen during the next update, in which Twitter will release the app for free to the masses (as Tweetie’s current asking price is still $2.99 USD).

Although users will probably laugh at Tweetie’s slot machine, most developers will be nervous as the next update of Tweetie as it could easily herald their extinction on the iPhone, well as the world of mobile (since Twitter already has an official Blackberry app and is working on creating one for Android too).

Third party developers are already responding to the official Twitter apps arrival by either selling off their tweet businesses (on the cheap) or by sadly removing their premium apps altogether from the app store (a trend that may accelerate once “Twitter for iPhone” makes it debut).

(note: Easter Egg tip via @babelsquirrel)

Tweetageddon The Sequel: HootSuite iPhone App Missing? UPDATE: HootSuite Reappears, Still No Explanation


In December of 2009 HootSuite launched a premium iPhone app upon Steve Jobs backyard that gave iPhone lovers the ability to schedule tweets from their iDevice (instead of their computer). Later on HootSuite launched a free lite version as well as an Android app, and the rest is now history.

Fastforward towards today and it seems as if the premium version of HootSuite is currently unavailable (note: iTunes link) in the app store (at least in the US).

It is unclear why HootSuite decided to pull the premium version, although this could be in response to Twitter’s buyout of Tweetie which has already forced one twitter app into retirement (and may force others into extinction as well).

HootSuite still links to their premium app on their product page, although there is no news or information why their premium app is currently missing upon the app store.

Update (4/30): The premium HootSuite app is back! Although there still is no explanation as to why it disappeared in the first place.

I am still awaiting for a comment as why the app vanished from the app store.