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How to Raise Your Instagram Game for Your Blog

How to Raise Your Instagram Game for Your Blog

Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels at the moment. With different features focused on helping users share their visual content to followers, the platform allows businesses to build a more vibrant community to engage with their respective brands.

In fact, the Instagram train is more than picking up steam. The number of brands predicted to use Instagram as part of their social media strategy in 2017 is 70.7%, edging out Twitter for the top spot.

While small businesses and eCommerce sites are taking pieces of the lion’s share from Instagram, bloggers should join the fun as well.

Bloggers have been using the same old platforms like Facebook and Twitter to share their content. It’s high time that they should explore other opportunities to increase their reach and develop stronger relationships with their audience.

The campaigns undertaken by brands are much more sophisticated than any blogger would imagine when it comes to promoting their content. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t pull off a simple yet effective Instagram campaign that will help elevate your blog to greater heights.

Below are ways on how you as a blogger can put Instagram to your advantage.

Promote a lifestyle

If you try entering a link to your blog post on your Instagram message, it won’t turn into a hyperlink once posted.

This is why promoting your blog on Instagram can be quite tricky. Unlike social media platform, you need to take a unique approach to making your promotions campaign on Instagram work.

Therefore, instead of promoting blog posts, you need to promote your everyday life. Take photos of yourself while working, meetups you have attended, conferences where you were a speaker, and other personal moments that you are comfortable sharing to the publish.

An example of a blogger doing this right is Harsh Agrawal of Shout Me Loud.

Instead of promoting his blog posts, he shares intimate moments that celebrate his success as a blogger.

Therefore, use Instagram as a way to get personal with your followers. By promoting a lifestyle that reflects your core values as a blogger, you also develop a profound interest in your content.

Develop content publishing schedule

Just like any other social media platform, you need to formulate a strategy that will allow you to create and share compelling content guaranteed to build you a following.

Therefore, instead of using the native app, you need to rely on a tool like Buffer or Hootsuite. Not only do these tools let you post your blog content to be promoted on Instagram, but you can also schedule multiple posts ahead of time.

You can set up your publishing calendar so that you get to share brand new content every day. In fact, you need to share as many unique posts as possible so you can generate more followers to your Instagram account.

Also, it is important to create beautiful images that will be used to attract your audience to read your posts. If you don’t have an image yet and you don’t know how to make one, read this short guide at Bloggingpro to help design your own.

Since you can’t promote your blog content from your Instagram posts, you need to mix up your visual content by posting quotes, questions, and others that help you engage and connect with your target market.

A great example of a blogger that uses engaging content on Instagram to great effect is Nikki Delgado from Entrepreneur-ess.

Nikki uses Entrepreneur-ess to connect women in their respective fields towards their goal of success. Her Instagram account is an extension of her brand vision. Using uplifting quotes from inspiring women, she fosters a nurturing place for women to help them get through their days.

Get help from influencers

One of the fastest ways to get more Instagram followers is let influencers do the work for you. Brands leverage Instagram influencers to get the word out there about their products and services. For examples, fashion and apparel items are commissioned to certain influencers so they can post the image of them wearing the swag.

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Obviously, your approach for using influencers to help promote your blog will be different assuming that you are not in the business of selling anything other than your content.

Take a cue from Neil Patel’s rather strange hashtag campaign #quemeneilpatel that originated from Brazil.

Bikini-clad models with lots of followers are posting their photos holding a paper with the message in it, which does not necessarily reflect the values espoused by Neil in his marketing-related content. However, as promotions are concerned, the campaign seem to have generated enough buzz to get the public’s attention.

When finding influencers to help advocate for your blog, you need to find those who shares your core values and knows how to reach the right audience, among many other things. The key here is for influencers to take the load off from your content promotion duties so you can focus on creating content on your blog.


As seen from the examples above, Instagram is unlike any other social media platform. The platform requires you to make use of visual content to help promote your blog. While it doesn’t allow you to link to your blog posts for your update, you need to take a more methodical and organic approach to building an audience who shares your core values and objectives.

The examples above are not your usual tactics for blog promotion. However, at the heart of these techniques is the personal touch that is amiss among many bloggers. By using Instagram to show your non-professional side, you can promote your values, which correlates to your blogging vision. Taking advantage of Instagram to make lasting connections using visual content should ultimately raise your blog to greater heights!

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